Definition of recuperative in English:



  • 1Having the effect of restoring health or strength.

    ‘the body's recuperative powers’
    • ‘It's astonishing to witness the recuperative powers of the human body and soul.’
    • ‘Trips to see his family tend to have a recuperative effect.’
    • ‘These surgeries involved long hospital stays, large scars, increased morbidity, and long recuperative periods for patients.’
    • ‘A rap on my door startled me from an attempt at some recuperative sleep.’
    • ‘Thankfully the blackbird of her depression began to lift yesterday when we passed a quiet and for the most part recuperative Sunday.’
    • ‘His recuperative powers are almost otherworldly and his threshold for pain legendary.’
    • ‘The one-on-one guided retreats have a two-year waiting list, but individual midweek recuperative breaks are also on offer.’
    • ‘He has been commissioned to write about the illness and the recuperative process.’
    • ‘The group includes some of the ten Austrian boys and girls who were then staying locally on a recuperative holiday.’
    • ‘The best way to take advantage of sleep's recuperative powers is by napping.’
    • ‘Tea was recuperative, it made things better, or it celebrated uneventfulness, emphasising that nothing was wrong.’
    • ‘The reopening of a recuperative care centre in Dartford has been welcomed by Darent Valley Hospital.’
    • ‘His mother used to make it for him and he knows all about its recuperative powers.’
    • ‘It is beneficial for the patient's family members to be present for discharge instructions to help with the patient's continued recuperative needs.’
    • ‘After a false start, a carafe or two of water and a little recuperative snooze, Eva and I finally spoke the international language of love.’
    • ‘Well, one could argue, there is something rather special, not to say recuperative, about an experience that is completely different from what you are used to.’
    • ‘Telling her management team to cope, she took her son on a recuperative cruise in the Caribbean.’
    • ‘The health and social care centre will provide 42 intermediate, recuperative care beds and 60 nursing and residential care beds.’
    • ‘He underwent surgery for a career-threatening torn labrum after the 1995 season and has come back better than ever, a tribute to his recuperative powers and his work ethic.’
    • ‘It seemed I didn't have their recuperative powers.’
  • 2Relating to the action of a recuperator or a similar heat exchanger.

    ‘an intercooled recuperative engine’