Definition of reculer pour mieux sauter in English:

reculer pour mieux sauter


  • Withdrawing in order to improve one's chances of subsequent progress or success; making use of a withdrawal or setback in such a way as to advance further.


Early 17th century; earliest use found in Dudley Carleton (1574–1632), diplomat and letter writer. From French reculer pour mieux sauter, lit. ‘to draw back in order to leap better’ from reculer + pour for, in order to + mieux better + sauter to leap.


reculer pour mieux sauter

/rəkuːˌleɪ pʊə mjəː səʊˈteɪ//rəˌkuːleɪ pɔː mjəː ˈsəʊteɪ/