Definition of rectangular hyperbola in English:

rectangular hyperbola


  • A hyperbola with rectangular asymptotes.

    • ‘The relationship of yield loss to the level of weed infestation has been modelled from empirical observations using a variety of functions, but is usually best described by a rectangular hyperbola.’
    • ‘With these tools he was able to show that rotating the unlimited area of a rectangular hyperbola between the y-axis and a fixed point on the curve, resulted in a finite volume when rotated round the y-axis.’
    • ‘The method which Eutocius describes to cut a sphere in a given ratio, crediting it to Dionysodorus, uses a parabola and a rectangular hyperbola.’
    • ‘The solution is effectively produced by the intersection of a circle and a rectangular hyperbola.’
    • ‘Certainly by 1661 Huygens understood the relation between the rectangular hyperbola and the logarithm.’