Definition of recross in English:



[with object]
  • Cross or pass over again.

    ‘he crossed and recrossed his legs’
    • ‘In the following year, threatened by famine and hostile Sioux, they recrossed the river to plant corn.’
    • ‘By the time he returned, Reno's force had recrossed the river.’
    • ‘Further down the track, I recrossed the train line and came pounding home, elated and victorious.’
    • ‘Is that why all those male journalists in the audience were gulping and surreptitiously recrossing their legs?’
    • ‘Everyone smiled and she recrossed her arms and I saw tears welling up.’
    • ‘And for that reason perhaps he was better able to cope with what was, for him, only another round of potentially devastating change and loss - from which he could again escape by recrossing the Atlantic.’
    • ‘We crossed and recrossed the river in small boats.’
    • ‘The local lifeboat from Falmouth had earlier been reported to have found wreckage floating on the sea, and as it recrossed a particular area of sea more wreckage was surfacing along with aviation fuel.’
    • ‘But the Mexican immigrant can easily recross the Rio Grande by a drive over a short bridge.’
    • ‘She crossed her legs, then recrossed them, then crossed her arms, then untangled herself and just tapped her fingers on the sides of the chair.’
    • ‘They were defeated as they tried to recross the Danube with their booty.’
    • ‘Associates, who said he had probably been procuring medical supplies, later confirmed he had recrossed the frontier and was heading back to Kandahar.’
    • ‘In more recent times blacks have crossed and recrossed the Atlantic carrying messages of freedom to all who would listen.’
    • ‘With this in mind he recrossed the Delaware River on 26 December and launched successful counterattacks at Trenton and later at Princeton.’
    • ‘Ignoring the blank looks she was getting from the others, she uncrossed and recrossed her legs, fiddled with the sleeve of her jacket, then finally looked up at them.’
    • ‘Turn right into Piccadilly, recross the River Foss and turn left on to the riverside walk that runs alongside the Coppergate development.’
    • ‘At this critical point, rumors circulated that Sitting Bull had recrossed the Canadian line bound for the Yellowstone hunting grounds.’
    • ‘We had just recrossed the Rhine when our tail gunner shouted the alarm over the intercom.’
    • ‘Gavin frowned, crossing and recrossing his legs.’
    • ‘This man then recrossed the street to his friends as our friends moved towards them.’