Definition of recreation room in English:

recreation room


  • 1A room in a public building, place of work, etc. in which people can relax and play games.

    ‘I grabbed some lunch in the cafeteria and played table tennis in the recreation room’
    • ‘He went into the recreation room on the lower floor and told a young woman in the makeshift office space that he was there for the intelligence briefing.’
    • ‘On the first floor there are changing rooms, a recreation room, an office, two store rooms and a toilet.’
    • ‘Rebecca made it to work a few minutes early and began cleaning the recreation room for bingo and poker later on.’
    • ‘The nurse at the psychiatric hospital led them into the recreation room and turned on a video about the treatment.’
    • ‘The pupils ran into the recreation room, which had one now vital commodity, a television.’
    • ‘On my first visit I felt pretty uneasy as a nurse led us down the long grey corridors to the recreation room where a couple of dozen patients were waiting for their free tea and biscuits.’
    • ‘I got up from my seat and followed her to the main recreation room.’
    • ‘It was a long, elongated tunnel-like structure, segmented into public sleeping quarters and a recreation room.’
    • ‘Stephen was already there, making himself comfortable in one of the chairs in what appeared to be the recreation room of the facility.’
    • ‘They were gathered in the recreation room of the Chicago Police Department, their ‘home away from home’ while the search was on.’
    • ‘Several soldiers and I are trying to build a recreation room to boost morale.’
    • ‘What was once a metalworking room has been transformed into a student common room, recreation room and a sensory environment room for people with learning disabilities who attend the day centre.’
    • ‘All boys would be marched into the recreation room.’
    • ‘In this prison, slopping out is still necessary, but there is a gym and a large recreation room, offering Sky TV and videos.’
    • ‘There is also a recreation room were people can gather to watch TV together.’
    • ‘He uses the same hallways, the same recreation room, the same TV lounge as the players do.’
    • ‘Several people just grew bored and ran off to the recreation room, the library, the kitchen, and back to their own dorms.’
    • ‘‘Everyone else is hanging out downstairs in the recreation room; I can take your stuff upstairs to my room if you want,’ Kristin suggested.’
    • ‘During work, toll collectors are given a one-hour break, which they spend in a nearby recreation room, complete with television, karaoke and couches.’
    • ‘It's beside the recreation room, and beside that is the exercise room.’
    1. 1.1North American
      ‘the basement has a recreation room, bedroom, and full bath’
      another term for rec room