Definition of recovery position in English:

recovery position


  • A position used in first aid to prevent choking in unconscious patients, in which the body is placed facing downwards and slightly to the side, supported by the bent limbs.

    • ‘If the person is unconscious and you are able, place him or her in the recovery position.’
    • ‘Brave Jason immediately raced down the steep hill to drag his friend out of the water and then put him into the recovery position, making sure he didn't lose consciousness again while friends dialled 999.’
    • ‘I put him in the recovery position but he would not stay in it.’
    • ‘But quick-thinking Sgt Lynne pulled Mr Johnson's tongue from his throat and put the biker in the recovery position until paramedics arrived.’
    • ‘If the casualty is conscious, put them in the recovery position - see below.’
    • ‘Teesside Crown Court was told that had he been put in the first-aid recovery position and given urgent medical attention by the officers, he might have been saved.’
    • ‘We turned her over to try and put her in the recovery position.’
    • ‘The recovery position ensures that an unconscious person maintains an open airway, that the tongue cannot be swallowed, and any vomit or fluid will not cause choking.’
    • ‘He rolled Caspian into the recovery position, on his side.’
    • ‘I soon had her bandaged and in the recovery position ready for the ambulance.’
    • ‘When the convulsions stop, put the person in the recovery position.’
    • ‘Quick-thinking Ryan, who was just ten at the time, put his mum in the recovery position before calling an ambulance when she collapsed in February.’
    • ‘If, when a person faints, they do not regain consciousness within one or two minutes, put them into the recovery position.’
    • ‘He also used his knowledge of first aid to put him in the recovery position, with the help of another passer-by.’
    • ‘Someone who knew first aid had put him in the recovery position.’
    • ‘We put him in the recovery position, monitor his pulse and call an ambulance.’
    • ‘If the patient is unconscious and vomiting, move them into the recovery position by turning them on their side and making sure their airways are clear.’
    • ‘I rolled him over onto his side, into the recovery position, and cleared his airway with my fingers, sticky with saliva and blood where he had bitten his tongue.’
    • ‘Gary was lying on his side in the recovery position.’
    • ‘Paul, an apprentice electrician, pulled the 34-year-old and her six-year-old daughter from the canal and put them in the recovery position.’