Definition of recork in English:



[with object]
  • Put back or replace the cork in (a bottle of wine)

    ‘some fine wine producers recork their old bottles every 30 or 40 years’
    • ‘He evolved a technique of standing the bottles upside down so the sediment settled against the cork, and then freezing the neck so that a plug of frozen sediment could be fired out by a quick opening and then recorking the bottle.’
    • ‘He recorked the bottle and shook up the contents.’
    • ‘Most shippers storing bottles upright recork their most venerable vintages, say, once every 20 years.’
    • ‘My conclusion was that no device worked better than simply recorking the bottle and standing it on the kitchen counter (my flat is seldom warmer than 65 degrees).’
    • ‘Restaurants across the country are now offering to repackage any unfinished wine bottles by recorking the wine using a special pump to extract air, ensuring it keeps for several days, and slipping the bottle into a bag.’
    • ‘While you're at the shop, buy a sparkling-wine stopper so you can recork the bottle and enjoy the wine again and again over the next week or so.’