Definition of recordist in English:



  • A person who makes recordings, especially of sound.

    ‘a sound recordist’
    • ‘The cinematographer and sound recordist were fantastic.’
    • ‘Anyway, sound recordist Judy Rapley and I mapped out a plan to ensure recording of all communal waking activities, from very early in the morning until bedtime.’
    • ‘The first couple of jobs I did was as a sound recordist on documentaries and shorts.’
    • ‘With a £240 grant from the BFI Experimental Film Fund, they began shooting in the Piccadilly Circus area over 25 Saturday nights, with an unpaid crew of just the two directors and John Fletcher as cameraman/sound recordist.’
    • ‘Reporter Jane Hansen, cameraman Drew Benjamin and sound recordist Matt Brown had already spent a full day with the battalion, covering diverse activities and conducting interviews with as many people as possible.’
    • ‘Increased funding and support for recordists' fieldwork, for sound archives, and for incorporation of vocal sampling into genetic sampling studies will greatly facilitate such analyses.’
    • ‘Since then he's got a proper job as a TV and radio sound recordist.’
    • ‘In fact I was considering becoming a sound recordist or getting a job in a bank to pacify my parents.’
    • ‘For wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson, listening to the dawn chorus is like eavesdropping on a secret world.’
    • ‘For the most part, Mettler travelled alone, taking on the role of director, cameraman, sound recordist and interviewer (he did use a small crew in some cities to assist in parts of the film).’
    • ‘After several years in the camera department, he became a sound recordist at Stoll Studios in 1932.’
    • ‘Barmak got a job as a sound recordist, became a second assistant director on a feature and made his first 8mm short, about a group of young billiard players.’
    • ‘For sound, the sound recordist had to haul around a portable suitcase-sized recorder, which weighed about 50 pounds.’
    • ‘The album had been recorded at the Chitranjali Studio by the late sound recordist, Devadas, and the job took three months to complete.’
    • ‘If you've got a competent sound recordist and a cameraman, they record these things that have been set before them, and decisions are made for them.’
    • ‘A detailed list of specific sounds is often compiled in pre-production but once filming starts it is important for the sound recordist (also known as the location mixer) to stay on their toes and capture any audio that may be required later.’
    • ‘Filming in this way is actually far less invasive and intrusive, particularly for young children, than filming with cameramen, sound recordists and crew around them.’
    • ‘He has been producer, director, writer, actor, editor, cinematographer, sound recordist and composer.’
    • ‘But here at last is a book on Indian cinema that profiles extras, fans, dancers, sound recordists, production managers, editors, assistant directors, character actors and vamps.’
    • ‘As such, sound recordists use shotgun microphones to eliminate any other noise on the set and capture the actors' voices alone, as cleanly as possible.’