Definition of reconsolidation in English:



  • See reconsolidate

    • ‘Subsequently, this problem of inadequate international solidarity was reinforced by the reconsolidation of enterprise unionism in Japan.’
    • ‘In the global reconsolidation of capitalism, for instance, neo-colonial states are subordinated to advanced capitalist/colonial states, although both mediate capital accumulation.’
    • ‘The requisite disempowerment of workers, in both the workplace and wage negotiations, was facilitated by the reconsolidation of enterprise unions.’
    • ‘Some scientists argue that after initial memory consolidation takes place it may be possible to recall memories and then interfere with their reconsolidation as a way to erase recalled memories.’
    • ‘And this, in turn, is nothing less than one of the most thoroughgoing instances of assimilation and reconsolidation in twentieth-century America.’