Definition of reconsider in English:



[with object]
  • Consider (something) again, especially for a possible change of decision regarding it.

    ‘they called on the US government to reconsider its policy’
    no object ‘I beg you to reconsider’
    • ‘He said the department was now reconsidering its decision.’
    • ‘They too are reconsidering their immigration policies.’
    • ‘I battled on and the Ministry of Defence has now reconsidered my claim.’
    • ‘He said he hoped the public would understand the intense pressure now faced by the authority and the reasons for reconsidering the scheme.’
    • ‘But yes, as some readers have asked me, I am reconsidering my support for the war.’
    • ‘Congress is now actually seriously reconsidering this particular provision.’
    • ‘Scholars are reconsidering his work, which was once considered too populist and shallow to merit study.’
    • ‘Wouldn't you rather see her detained for several hours while she reconsiders her behaviour, possibly coming out as a better citizen?’
    • ‘The security services, Lothian and Borders police and the immigration authorities are already believed to be reconsidering the case.’
    • ‘With so much to do, I'm reconsidering my original idea of just throwing a house party, simply because I don't see how I can fit one in.’
    • ‘The process does not involve changing a decision or reconsidering it or anything of that kind.’
    • ‘However, by Christmas Miss Holland had reconsidered her position and decided she was too young to marry and settle down.’
    • ‘The outcome was that the director, who had said there was ‘no possibility of his reconsidering his position’ agreed to be reinstated.’
    • ‘I really hope that this administration reconsiders its position.’
    • ‘His militia has been really very badly hurt, and it maybe why he's reconsidering his options.’
    • ‘Now the council must reconsider its planning decision in the light of the judge's ruling.’
    • ‘A spokesman said the company was reconsidering its advertising campaign in the light of the decision.’
    • ‘The adjudicator is thus able to reconsider the facts and to reach his own decision on the application.’
    • ‘I'm already reconsidering my new subscription to this publication.’
    • ‘‘I have to say it seems to me that the Prime Minister should really be reconsidering his position,’ she said.’
    rethink, review, revise, re-examine, re-evaluate, reassess, reappraise, think better of, think over, take another look at, relook at, look at in a different light, have another think about
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