Definition of reconfirm in English:



[with object]
  • Confirm again.

    ‘this has been reconfirmed by a recent Higher Labour Court decision’
    ‘Berghofer resigned but was reconfirmed as mayor of Dresden shortly afterwards’
    • ‘We honored our part of the contract by reconfirming the flight bookings with your authorized agents.’
    • ‘The National Party won the 1960 election and reconfirmed the agreement.’
    • ‘Above all, it reconfirmed my feeling that I really was better off not going.’
    • ‘Call the airline to reconfirm your flights on the day of departure to prevent any surprises at the airport.’
    • ‘He first became mayor in a 1996 by-election, and was reconfirmed in the position in both 1997 and 2000.’
    • ‘It reconfirms the principle that indefinite detention is contrary to the U.S. Constitution and international law.’
    • ‘Since I revealed the big scoop, I have had it reconfirmed by yet another highly authoritative source.’
    • ‘Senior mainland officials have reconfirmed a promise to university students to openly discuss the crackdown.’
    • ‘What's worse, the story seems to reconfirm literary stereotypes about women while vaguely insinuating that it is doing the opposite.’
    • ‘Furthermore, in many universities a vacancy does not exist until a post has been reconfirmed and funding assured.’
    • ‘The 1990 study was concerned not just with reconfirming the importance of tobacco but also with assessing the lesser effects of indoor air pollution of some houses by radon.’
    • ‘Why has Clarke continually reconfirmed her support for the approach, despite these reservations?’
    • ‘In the board meeting on Monday, January 27, 2003, the previous resolution was reconfirmed with an overwhelming majority.’
    • ‘Once confirmed, they do not need to be reconfirmed later.’
    • ‘All previously approved accounts must be reconfirmed.’
    • ‘‘I am not really worried about money,’ he said patting his pocket as if to reconfirm his statement.’
    • ‘But the terrible events this month only reconfirmed my belief that the protection of our democracy must be rooted in the reinvigoration of democratic engagement itself.’
    • ‘Breakfast with thick condensed milk, missed the spot completely and reconfirmed my decision to leave.’
    • ‘The players continued with the tour only after the agreed procedures had been reconfirmed with diplomats and security advisers.’
    • ‘I finally persuaded her to order blood tests, which reconfirmed the diagnosis.’