Definition of reconfigure in English:



[with object]
  • Configure (something) differently.

    ‘you don't have to reconfigure the modem each time you make a connection’
    • ‘He also wants to change the facade of his summer dining room, rebuild a boiler house, alter the roof of his estate manager's house and reconfigure his master bedroom.’
    • ‘Experiences in the most formative years may well reconfigure the sensory cortices of individuals.’
    • ‘We are also asking the council to look at reconfiguring the inside of the building.’
    • ‘The company reconfigured its management structure to move decision-making further down the command chain.’
    • ‘You should try to back up your data as often as you can in case you lose it or need to reconfigure your system.’
    • ‘Kay deftly reconfigured the tale into another story of identity and self-invention.’
    • ‘Implicitly, one has defined what it is to be a building, and reconfigured the world around this definition.’
    • ‘Similarly, the software could be used to reconfigure servers to handle different tasks, depending on the time of the day.’
    • ‘And the challenges from now on will require him to take hard decisions about strengthening and reconfiguring our anti-terrorist capability.’
    • ‘Congress is considering reconfiguring the formula for allocating money.’
    • ‘Rather, he reconfigured the elements of what had long been a fashionable field of study.’
    • ‘Then these titanic missiles were reconfigured to serve as more or less peaceful boosters to put satellites into space.’
    • ‘We are reconfiguring the past in the image of our times.’
    • ‘How can UK politics be reconfigured to give the voters more choice and more power?’
    • ‘The cash will be used to reconfigure the biology research laboratories.’
    • ‘He has met local planning officials and agreed to reconfigure the existing car park and an open area previously used as a private facility.’
    • ‘It's the only virus we know that invades the cell and reconfigures the DNA.’
    • ‘Once they have access to the telephone system, the hackers are able to reconfigure it and then make as many calls as they want.’
    • ‘Early exposure to fatty food could reconfigure children's bodies so that they always choose fatty foods.’
    • ‘We find ourselves in the current situation where, without reconfiguring health services, limited resources are spread too thinly, compromising the safety and quality of patient care.’