Definition of recompose in English:



  • Compose again or differently.

    ‘a marble panel recomposed from fragments’
    • ‘The arrogance of some men… I stare at him in disgust, before quickly recomposing my face into a fake smile.’
    • ‘Tyler and Kevin looked at each other in horror, but quickly recomposed themselves, turning back to Mrs. Andrews.’
    • ‘The Queen recomposed herself quickly, mentally berating herself for almost breaking down in front of her greatest ‘threat’ and ‘enemy’.’
    • ‘After she recomposed herself, Annabelle looked at Maureen serenely.’
    • ‘Taking a moment to come to terms with what had just happened, I recomposed myself and returned to my candelight supper, dazed but undaunted.’
    • ‘Painting functions here like a terrifying energetic machine, absorbing, destroying, recycling, recomposing images of vastly different origins.’
    • ‘New York constantly composes and recomposes itself, and its electric vitality comes from the churning crowd.’
    • ‘One victim was so overcome by having to relive the terror that he broke down in the witness box and the case had to be adjourned to let him recompose himself.’
    • ‘The young man saw something akin to panic in the older gentleman's expression and allowed him to recompose himself by turning away before continuing, ‘Perhaps you ought to ask me whether I love your daughter, sir.’’
    • ‘I recompose myself and make my way to the courtyard.’
    • ‘Logan turned to hide a laugh before recomposing himself and turning back to Marius.’
    • ‘The system similarly prevents over-exposure when photographers lock focus and recompose the shot by considering the flash output level calculated according to the distance.’
    • ‘The woman looked puzzled for a second, but quickly recomposed herself, ‘Soda sir?’’
    • ‘You have to be prepared to put the camera down and recompose the shot before clicking that shutter, remembering at all times that what the camera ‘sees’ is not necessarily what you might be seeing with the naked eye.’
    • ‘Constantly reworking the paintings and recomposing elements, leads to a tactile surface, with the painting becoming an abstract image in its own right.’
    • ‘She sat down on an old red brick wall at the front of someone's garden and recomposed herself until the wave of nausea had gone completely.’
    • ‘I was taken aback by his question for a second before I recomposed myself.’
    • ‘‘So,’ she began, recomposing herself, ‘I know you don't want to talk about it but… I do believe Ben and I caught you in a rather compromising position earlier.’’
    • ‘When I had sufficiently recovered, I sat up and recomposed myself.’
    • ‘Finally, she recomposed herself as she grabbed the black travelling bag resting on the floor beside her.’