Definition of recolonize in English:


(British recolonise)


[with object]
  • (chiefly of a plant or animal species) colonize (a region or habitat) again.

    ‘a setback to the peregrine's attempts to recolonize this part of Scotland’
    • ‘This week he looks at the aftermath of the Ice Age, which saw the land recolonised by flora and fauna.’
    • ‘Following this protection, otters from 11 populations gradually recovered and recolonized their former range in southwest Alaska and some other portions of their historic range.’
    • ‘About 15,000 years ago, they began to recolonize all temperate areas and some species have only recently reached their modern range limits.’
    • ‘He has spent the past few years among a strange subculture of hunters and outdoorsmen who truly believe, contrary to the stance of state and federal wildlife managers, that cougars have begun to recolonize the East.’
    • ‘Wood can also provide scratching posts for wombats and protects seeds and seedlings of other plants, which can then recolonise an area.’
    • ‘The drive to recolonise Africa is also reviving old colonial-era regions.’
    • ‘Beavers can rapidly colonize excellent habitat or recolonize habitat where beavers have been removed.’
    • ‘When the settlers moved to Pennsylvania and Ohio, the birds could still live in Kentucky or Arkansas - and might even start recolonizing the forests that returned to the farmed-out regions of New England.’
    • ‘Finally, mangrove vegetation recolonized the area and the overlying soil developed.’
    • ‘Elsewhere in North America during the past two decades, the raven has recolonized portions of its former range and increased in abundance.’
    • ‘Some sturgeon survive in the rivers of the Northeast, where they have recolonized the Hudson.’
    • ‘The British troops were seen, rightly as it turned out, to be the advance guard of a Dutch attempt to recolonise Indonesia.’
    • ‘Many species of birds are also recolonising Handa.’
    • ‘After each volcanic eruption, the volcanic texture of the ash would have been obliterated when the swamp plants recolonized the ash, turning it into soil.’
    • ‘Areas cleared of rhododendrons will be recolonised with plants such as bluebells, wood sorrel and honeysuckle.’
    • ‘It is morally wrong for western powers to recolonise territory in this way, and their soldiers should refuse to engage in a war of recolonisation.’
    • ‘Results of the recolonization experiment hinted that corridors may potentially influence the rate at which certain insect species recolonize grassland fragments.’
    • ‘It was subsequently recolonized by animals and plants in an evolutionary process that has been watched quite carefully.’
    • ‘On land, the evidence for a dramatic increase in fern species just above the boundary suggests the presence of wildfires, for ferns are usually the first plants to recolonize an area devastated in this fashion.’
    • ‘When sites are recolonized, populations are founded by a very limited number of genotypes.’