Definition of recitation in English:



  • 1The action of repeating something aloud from memory.

    ‘the recitation of traditional poems’
    • ‘Puffy eyes, the recitation of dramatic deathbed monologues.’
    • ‘In the eyes of Muslims, Qur'anic recitation is not music.’
    • ‘On this day, the service revolves around memorized recitations by children.’
    • ‘In the past a recitation of those statements would have elicited a collective nod from any listening Americans.’
    • ‘Only their fall and burial in the compost pile of materialism remains for recitation.’
    • ‘A delegate holds her hand over her heart during the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance at the 2004 Republican National Convention.’
    • ‘But the goddess Isis, Osiris's wife, gathered the pieces together and made them whole by the recitation of spells.’
    • ‘One of the five essential Pillars practiced by Muslims is the recitation of prayers five times a day.’
    • ‘Short texts were written on scrolls or wax tablets as an aid to memorization and oral recitation.’
    • ‘We are unbelievably fortunate to have met the Dharma and to have the opportunity to do recitation and meditation on the Compassion Buddha.’
    • ‘There were already different styles of recitation in the early centuries of Islam.’
    • ‘The two boys have taken an interest in Annie's skills at poetic recitation.’
    • ‘Devotees observe this day with non-stop recitation of the Ramayana, the story of Rama's life.’
    • ‘Chapters encouraged the singing of other nationalist songs or recitations of nationalist poetry during meetings.’
    • ‘It does not come from recitation of hymns, sacrificial worship or a hundred fasts.’
    • ‘Qualified undergraduates are in the best position to help students in recitations.’
    • ‘Without further ado, he was allowed to continue his recitation of Belli's poetry.’
    • ‘Their repetitive structure leads to rote recitation, rather than listening to the words.’
    • ‘The constant hum of the recitation may have been intended in part to induce a liminal state that was not entirely conscious.’
    • ‘For the Christian, the above recitation sounds strangely familiar.’
    recital, saying aloud, reading aloud, declaiming, declamation, rendering, rendition, delivery, performance
    account, description, narration, narrative, story, tale, history
    reading, passage, piece, something known off by heart
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    1. 1.1 The repetition of a list of facts.
      ‘the history of an organization is more important than the recitation of details like this’
      • ‘The repeated recitation of upstate New York towns, with their echoes of classical greatness - Thrace, Troy, Rome, Ithaca, Carthage - are ironic echoes of other lost civilizations.’
      • ‘The reply from the lassies came from a bloke, naturally, and you could tell his heart wasn't in it by the look of disbelief accompanying his recitation of male idiosyncrasies.’
      • ‘In the midst of these factual recitations are narratives of great interest.’
      • ‘Whereupon, the President launches into an answer, and the answer was a long recitation of statistics about the extent of discrimination.’
      • ‘His comic act became boring recitations of his troubles with police who would bust up his act as "obscene."’
      • ‘This occurs frequently - all umbrella, gun, and fountain pen: then after lunch a recitation of several questions to accompany the printed version’
      • ‘Her recitation of the fact that the boiler was beyond cleaning was a statement against the interests of the Township.’
      • ‘I was particularly impressed with his recitation of the names of every filmmaker who gave him the opportunities that made his career.’