Definition of recipe in English:



  • 1A set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of the ingredients required.

    ‘a traditional Yorkshire recipe’
    • ‘Following a traditional recipe, the scientists prepared the maize and analysed the contents.’
    • ‘As you look through the cookbook, make sure the recipes include ingredients you like or are willing to try.’
    • ‘Macaroon recipes have appeared in cookery books since at least the late 17th century.’
    • ‘The extensive index lists contributors and their recipes for quick reference.’
    • ‘Exotic dishes are explained in a simple way and therefore the recipes are easy to prepare at home.’
    • ‘It was my mother's recipe, the first of her recipes I tried to prepare since her death that winter.’
    • ‘She had the opportunity to work with various ingredients and recipes.’
    • ‘The basic instructions are the same for all the recipes listed here.’
    • ‘Short fables and wise sayings are mingled with recipes, lists, and jokes.’
    • ‘As with all recipes, the ingredients are probably the best place to start.’
    • ‘He always started with his special thick and creamy soup, prepared to a secret recipe and reserved for him alone.’
    • ‘We will be offering a seafood cookbook with recipes for several savory lobster dishes.’
    • ‘For our recent dinner I made at least nine different dishes from this recipe book.’
    • ‘She was stuck in the kitchen, surrounded by recipes and various ingredients.’
    • ‘Her contribution included compiling a cookery book after pestering celebrity chefs for recipes.’
    • ‘Such recipes often include a list of ingredients that can be found within the store.’
    • ‘Most of the recipes are simple to prepare and follow short ingredient lists.’
    • ‘As it is almost upon us, I have opted for some quick, easy recipes using ingredients that you probably have at home.’
    • ‘I don't measure the ingredients and I never give recipes with exact ingredients.’
    • ‘You will find the ingredients for these recipes are easy to find and the cooking time is usually minimal.’
    cooking directions
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    1. 1.1 Something which is likely to lead to a particular outcome.
      ‘sky-high interest rates are a recipe for disaster’
      • ‘Allowing ideology to drive science is a recipe for second rate science.’
      • ‘It sounds like a recipe for disaster, yet everyone on board the flight survived.’
      • ‘They proved that to have a good sense of humour is definitely a recipe for success, especially with the younger crowd.’
      • ‘The first alternative is a shortcut to insolvency, the second, a recipe for discontentment and civil unrest.’
      • ‘It is a recipe for further volatility in the lead up to next year's elections.’
      • ‘The equation is very simple - high powered cars on poor quality roads is not a recipe for success.’
      • ‘And given the past colonial history in the region, that's not a recipe for unification.’
      • ‘Routinely arming the police, however, seems like a recipe for disaster.’
      • ‘This is a recipe for a non-functioning society, since robust public life would become impossible.’
      • ‘That, ultimately, is a recipe for corrupt government, if this sort of thing is allowed to flourish.’
      • ‘Concentrating on consumption at the expense of production is a recipe for prolonging recessions.’
      • ‘This has of course always been a recipe for dictatorship and terror.’
      • ‘As we know, state ownership is not a recipe for successful film production.’
      • ‘Pinning your hopes on the state is a recipe for disappointment.’
      • ‘I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a recipe for lots of awkwardness.’
      • ‘But if people see this as a recipe for some sudden improvement in prices, they'd be mistaken.’
      • ‘Sending refugees to some rural area where there is nothing going on is, by contrast, a recipe for instability and resentment.’
      • ‘Her willingness to be raunchy on screen was a major ingredient of her recipe for success.’
      • ‘Add in a few British classic cars and you have a recipe for success.’
      • ‘Any offer to cover cost overruns even before construction begins is a recipe for making cost overruns a certainty.’
      • ‘The clash, at the pivotal point of the march, was a recipe for chaos as tens of thousands of demonstrators piled forward along the street.’
      means of achieving, way of achieving, means of ensuring, way of ensuring
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    2. 1.2archaic A medical prescription.
      ‘it would be useless to enumerate all the drugs and recipes for their application which have been tried’
      • ‘This work-diary is composed of medical recipes written in a technical and highly abbreviated Latin.’
      • ‘Medical recipes, then and now, can often seem confusing because of their wealth of abbreviations and symbols.’


Late Middle English: from Latin, literally ‘receive!’ (first used as an instruction in medical prescriptions), imperative of recipere.