Definition of receptionist in English:



  • 1A person who greets and deals with clients and visitors to a surgery, office, etc.

    • ‘While some companies have learned to do without receptionists and office managers, and typesetting departments are a thing of the past, this notion of everyone being in sales has stuck with me.’
    • ‘Lang was impressed by the motivation of the young people in the mail room, the secretaries and the receptionist.’
    • ‘For the last five years I have worked on and off as a medical receptionist at several surgeries in Wellington.’
    • ‘He wrote asking me to confirm some details of a message I left with the surgery receptionist.’
    • ‘Don't overlook the impact that your receptionist or front desk staff have on clients.’
    • ‘He greets me at the door of his office, dismisses the receptionist, and strides back behind his immense immaculate desk.’
    • ‘Still, it must make it very easy for their receptionists to give directions over the phone to would-be visitors.’
    • ‘Just as GPs need surgeries and receptionists MPs need offices and staff.’
    • ‘Earlier, on the telephone, I asked his receptionist for directions to his Dublin office.’
    • ‘A receptionist, who is finding out what patients think about the surgery's new opening hours, approaches him.’
    • ‘After just one week here, one of our receptionists has said that she wants to do a front office course.’
    • ‘The last time I went to Huntley's office, the receptionist and I shared a laugh.’
    • ‘I was just about to walk out the front door of my office when our receptionist's cellphone rang.’
    • ‘Ford smiled at the receptionist again, then followed the Senator into the office.’
    • ‘Between 8.00 and 10.00 am the office is at its busiest with clients booking calls and receptionists confirming visit times and hospital appointments.’
    • ‘The receptionist greeted her with a smile and asked if she could help her with anything.’
    • ‘Jean McGinnies, a receptionist at the visitor centre, moved to the village 37 years ago.’
    • ‘Our receptionists are inundated with people demanding to be seen.’
    • ‘On arrival at the surgery, a receptionist confirmed her appointment and pointed to the adjacent waiting room.’
    • ‘Other professionals, such as medical receptionists and secretaries, are often in the front line when dealing with patients and are as likely, if not more so, to become victims.’
    1. 1.1British A person employed in a hotel to receive guests and deal with their bookings.
      • ‘A bank official or hotel receptionist may notice when you have to show your passport.’
      • ‘During the war years she worked as a receptionist at the Queens Hotel by the sea in Brighton.’
      • ‘Oh, and checking out of a cheap hotel is not much fun when the receptionist tells you that your girlfriend's husband called.’
      • ‘Areas of high need are chefs and qualified and experienced hotel receptionists.’
      • ‘She now gives private consultations to anyone from ‘hotel receptionists, chefs, nurses, people who work in magazines and housewives’.’
      • ‘The receptionists were all half-awake, and the bellboys didn't look too happy either when they carried our whole group's trunks.’
      • ‘She worked at a hotel as a receptionist in the morning and as a waitress at night.’
      • ‘She took a job as a hotel receptionist, but her fitness suffered.’
      • ‘A receptionist at the hotel said there was a record of the earl staying that night.’
      • ‘She received the sentence for assaulting a hotel receptionist after trespassing on the property.’
      • ‘Hotel receptionist Amy Taylor, 19, is using the gym to train for the race.’
      • ‘The receptionist said that she would ask the porter to take the visitor's bags up to his room in the lift.’
      • ‘After finding out the room number from the receptionist, Roisin walked quickly to Karina's hotel room.’
      • ‘A receptionist at the local hotel confirmed Stotts had booked out yesterday morning.’
      • ‘The receptionist started typing on the keys of the hotel computer.’
      • ‘Hotel receptionists were informed not to deliver any alcoholic drinks, leave a mini-bar in his room, or order any taxis for him to escape to town.’
      • ‘He had worked as a hotel receptionist in London until failing health forced him into retirement.’
      • ‘One of the hotel receptionists crosses the bar wearing jade green chiffon, her midriff exposed.’
      • ‘If they're fully booked when you call, most hotel receptionists will be able to recommend somewhere else to stay.’
      • ‘At the same time, a friend told me about a job as a hotel receptionist near Baker Street.’