Definition of reception centre in English:

reception centre


  • A hostel providing temporary accommodation for distressed people such as refugees, the homeless, and those with psychiatric difficulties.

    • ‘The family will not be settled in a reception centre, as these facilities are for people whose asylum claims are being processed, and not for people in this family's position who have been granted residence in Germany.’
    • ‘The former Magee Barracks has been empty now for nearly four years and is currently used by the Department of Justice as a reception centre for asylum seekers and refugees and by Kildare County Council as a temporary traveller halt.’
    • ‘Mr Lyons said the reception centre runs a number of computer, arts and crafts and language classes for adults.’
    • ‘A further property - the Devereux Hotel in Rosslare - was purchased to operate as a reception centre but was then sold following ongoing protests and a decrease in asylum numbers at the port.’
    • ‘At present, there are around 170 asylum seekers living in the reception centre at the former Devoy Barracks in Kildare town.’
    • ‘But first, he would be sent to a reception centre where he would be strip-searched, photographed and have a DNA sample taken.’
    • ‘Evacuated residents reported to a reception centre in Watson Lake and were being put up in hotels or at private residences.’
    • ‘Survivors and walking wounded would be taken to local authority-run rest centres and survivor reception centres which provide food, medicine and communications facilities.’
    • ‘The detention centre in Katajanokka will be acting in connection with the Helsinki reception centre for immigrants.’
    • ‘However, it is thought to have occurred near a large reception centre for refugees and asylum seekers in the town.’
    • ‘North Lincolnshire councillors and officers were upset that the announcement of a purpose-built reception centre at South Killingholme was made public - without them being consulted.’
    • ‘He added that he and all of the residents were happy in the reception centre in Waterford.’
    • ‘The first stage in that process is a short stay in the reception center.’
    • ‘In prison, custody level is determined at a reception center, and inmates are sent to the appropriate facility based on their need for supervision or perceived degree of dangerousness.’
    • ‘Residents last night waited at a reception centre opposite the flats to learn if they will be able to return to their homes.’
    • ‘He lived for a while at a refugee reception centre in Cambridgeshire before he was moved to Rotherham last September as part of the Government's dispersal policy.’
    • ‘Mrs Agbonlahor and her children have lived at the Clonakilty Lodge asylum seeker reception centre since March 2003.’
    • ‘Essex Police said the passengers had been taken into a reception center and would be interviewed.’
    • ‘The work could involve assisting in the registration and care of evacuees at an emergency reception centre or answering telephone helplines or log-keeping in the council's emergency or ‘drop in’ centres.’
    • ‘On their arrival in distant countries, they were either placed in temporary reception centres or were collected by prearranged guardians.’


reception centre