Definition of recentness in English:



  • See recent

    • ‘First, the recentness of the Supreme Court decision may help members of interracial families to see themselves as pioneers or heroes of a new cause.’
    • ‘Moreover, the better the doctor knew the patient as measured, for example, by the length and recentness of their contact, the more likely the doctor was to err.’
    • ‘First-years will identify with the recentness of the ordeal, and everyone else can simply be thankful that their orientation is far behind them, and now it is a new class's turn to suffer.’
    • ‘The most recent version was published in 2002, but don't let that recentness fool you - a good few months ago, when I remembered having read a much older version, I decided to try and seek out a copy.’
    • ‘It is a significant sign of the recentness of ‘Chinese nationalism’ that this curious situation bothered very few people until about 110 years ago.’