Definition of recency in English:



  • See recent

    • ‘Because of the relative recency of Internet forums for intellectual interchanges, a number of precedents may be set that will determine the future course of peer commentary.’
    • ‘Research has also shown, however, that self-reported drug use increases as recency decreases.’
    • ‘Among these contributors will be some of the movers and shakers of criminology in the coming years: and the sharpness and recency of their experience can be expected to resonate with those of the generation to come.’
    • ‘The recency of the campaigns creates major challenges for them, of course, but both historical accounts are written as sensibly as time and space would allow.’
    • ‘The classic lie about globalization is its recency.’
    • ‘We then computed a recency of use measure by subtracting the difference between the respondent's actual age and the age he or she last reported any use of a particular substance.’