Definition of receiving line in English:

receiving line


  • A collection of people who gather in a row to greet guests as they arrive at a formal social event.

    ‘the guests step forward to shake hands with the bridal party on the receiving line’
    • ‘President Thabo Mbeki and President Bill Clinton chat to entertainer Stevie Wonder and actor Morgan Freeman in a receiving line of guests at a state dinner for Mbeki at the White House in Washington.’
    • ‘Sarah Drake forcibly removed herself from her place on the receiving line and raced over to meet her friend, with Ari, Mike and Mitch in tow.’
    • ‘As we were standing in the receiving line, he mentioned that, ‘There is a lot of resistance to that.’’
    • ‘He preceded his guests into the room, and formed a receiving line with Meredith and his councillors, who had been immediately behind him.’
    • ‘Besides, the Admiral wants us on the receiving line - you know how he hates to deal with all these people alone!’
    • ‘Once the procession arrives at the Ball there will be a receiving line of various dignitaries greeting officers and guests at the door.’
    • ‘The moment will come when you are face to face with the couple, whether in the receiving line or at the reception.’
    • ‘I wasn't even allowed to stand in the receiving line after the service.’
    • ‘I was placed at the end of an infinitely long receiving line, and chastised by my maid for coming down too early.’
    • ‘Entering the VIP reception on the arm of IIE board chair George Donnelly, she worked her way down the receiving line greeted by Susan Baker, Edward Djerejian, Dr. Michael DeBakey and others.’
    • ‘Alana smiled and politely excused herself from the receiving line.’
    • ‘As we awaited his arrival, the chief of protocol arranged us in a sort of receiving line.’
    • ‘By the time I got there about seven-fifteen there were many in the receiving line just inside the front door.’
    • ‘They exchanged puzzled looks but gave it no more thought as they took their place in the receiving line.’
    • ‘Invited to a meeting with Clinton and other intellectuals at Camp David in 1995, Barber admits to squandering his opportunity to say something intelligent to the president in the receiving line.’
    • ‘The idea of walking down the aisle with sweat dripping down his forehead didn't bother him as much as knowing that he'd have to stand in a receiving line at that society wedding and shake hands with everyone.’
    • ‘You see the bride and groom in the receiving line and then the camera pans to the right and there's a bunch of shirtless guys with beer cans in their hands.’
    • ‘The receiving line developed from the ancient belief, that on their wedding day, the bride and groom brought good luck to everyone they touched.’
    • ‘Right away an unofficial receiving line started as Amanda came face to face with all of her closest friends.’
    • ‘Anne and Jane, who was also in the receiving line, both smiled inwardly.’