Definition of recapitalize in English:


(British recapitalise)


[with object]
  • Provide (a business) with more capital, especially by replacing debt with stock.

    ‘a plan to recapitalize the state-owned airline’
    • ‘He had said that the government would no longer provide financial assistance to recapitalize the remaining A category banks because the government did not have the financial resources.’
    • ‘The now privatised Zambian mines have recently been recapitalised by the new owners Anglo-American Corporation.’
    • ‘A corporation, or an industry, is sustainable only when it continually reinvents and recapitalizes itself to meet changing business requirements.’
    • ‘The government recapitalized the bank and now owns a 57 percent stake in it.’
    • ‘The banks have been recapitalized with $33 billion in new funds, and four asset management companies have taken over nearly $160 billion in bad loans with an eye toward restructuring the debtors.’
    • ‘At that time, the government dramatically expanded the loan guarantee program and recapitalised the banks with public funds.’
    • ‘We have to recapitalize this company, and there are various methods we can use.’
    • ‘Moreover, important steps were taken to recapitalize the banking system.’
    • ‘The rescue plan, in which the company is to be recapitalized in a two-phase cash injection from the government, was announced Oct. 4.’
    • ‘That type of undertaking means anything from radical changes in strategy to trimming product lines, selling non-core assets or businesses, recapitalizing foreign subsidiaries, realigning management, or selling the entire company.’
    • ‘He offered to lend them money to repurchase the shares and recapitalise the business.’
    • ‘Authorities are starting to recapitalize banks and professionalize credit operations, but it's a slow process - and the banks keep lending.’
    • ‘The government has also spent $120 billion in the course of the past four years recapitalizing banks and buying bad loans.’
    • ‘He said in an interview that the greatest challenge that the company was currently facing was inadequate funds to recapitalise its operations.’
    • ‘Unless insolvent institutions are recapitalized with sufficient real capital and banks end their ruinous lending practices, the stock of bad loans will continue to rise.’
    • ‘And I do believe that the Fed is confident (especially after the early 1990s experience) that any banking system problem can be resolved by recapitalizing the industry (either directly or through cheap borrowings).’
    • ‘The banks were all recapitalized by the government as a bail-out program to help rescue the banking sector crippled by the 1997-1998 financial crisis.’
    • ‘Instead of privatizing its state banks and financial firms, Beijing has decided to recapitalize them.’
    • ‘And he said they had launched a programme that would help mobilise finances and recapitalise the company.’
    • ‘The two recapitalised banks have established their Boards and Board committees.’