Definition of recantation in English:



  • A statement that one no longer holds a particular opinion or belief; a retraction.

    ‘every writer interprets Galileo's recantation in a different way’
    • ‘But state Attorney General Jay Nixon, who was fighting the appeal, was able to convince a federal judge that the recantations weren't credible.’
    • ‘But if the critics were anticipating a recantation of his views on politics and art they were sorely disappointed.’
    • ‘Artists guilty or suspected of formalism were persecuted and encouraged to make public recantations for their offences.’
    • ‘Finally, when she is faced with being burned alive, she recants, but then retracts her recantation and is publicly executed.’
    • ‘The previous day, he had made a sniveling recantation on the floor of the Senate.’
    renunciation, renouncement, disavowal, denial, repudiation, retraction, withdrawal
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