Definition of recalibrate in English:



[with object]
  • Calibrate (something) again or differently.

    ‘the sensors had to be recalibrated’
    • ‘Japan should recognize it needs to recalibrate its diplomatic strategy to meet changing realities in the region.’
    • ‘Well, you know, they had hoped to recalibrate their message this week.’
    • ‘Then we have to run a hack telling it to recalibrate.’
    • ‘Novelists have proved impressionable, quick studies, recalibrating their aesthetic objectives to reflect those of the critical theorists they emulate.’
    • ‘You should both be open to rethinking roles and recalibrating compensation if things change.’
    • ‘It seems that the disk heads are permanently moving, probably recalibrating.’
    • ‘He is recalibrating the health service to try to prevent people getting ill in the first place.’
    • ‘By recalibrating the satellites with the new data, the whole system improved, which has enhanced weather forecasting substantially.’
    • ‘You would do well to recalibrate with negatives of unusual contrast.’
    • ‘The president now saying he wishes he had recalibrated some words.’
    • ‘And the Republican Congress did respond to veto threats by the president and recalibrated their bills and brought them down.’
    • ‘The United States must recalibrate its policies to take account of these changing realities.’
    • ‘The transducers were zeroed at the level of the right heart and recalibrated before each set of measurements.’
    • ‘Rights from cultural autonomy to freedom of information to free speech all need to be recalibrated according to the powerful role of global media today.’
    • ‘The electrode will be calibrated by the blood gas technician and recalibrated every eight hours.’
    • ‘No matter, for Americans had recalibrated their sensibilities towards a new post-war standard of prosperity.’
    • ‘You would cut demand and supply would go up and you would recalibrate the whole system.’
    • ‘However, with the admission of young women, many traditions died or had to be recalibrated to accommodate them.’
    • ‘Ideally you should aim to recalibrate the display at least once per month.’
    • ‘Well, throughout the campaign we did hear him talk about recalibrating the peace negotiations in terms of coming in with a more balanced approach.’