Definition of rec room in English:

rec room


North American
  • A room in a private house, especially in the basement, used for recreation and entertainment.

    • ‘And Evan there is a surprise for you in the rec room.’
    • ‘That night I lay on the couch in the rec room watching horror movies.’
    • ‘The main floor alone had two dining rooms, a living room, a rec room, a kitchen, three bathrooms, and a library.’
    • ‘I hadn't really spent much time in the rec room before.’
    • ‘Downstairs in the rec room Heather and Marci were watching a movie.’
    • ‘Then Heather walked in and said, ‘Hey, someone wants to see you in the rec room.’’
    • ‘Clive and his friends brought the equipment down from their second floor apartment and set up in the room adjacent to the rec room.’
    • ‘We had a sunroom and a basement, which seemed kind of like a rec room.’
    • ‘I went downstairs where we had a rec room and persuaded the kids to all come upstairs and stay with us.’
    • ‘I calmly leave the utility room, pass slowly through the rec room and then tear up the stairs in two seconds flat.’
    • ‘Don't skimp entirely on spending money for the rec room; if your family is spending a lot of time there, it's worth making a few investments, each of which can really perk things up.’
    • ‘Janet led the women downstairs to the rec room to gossip about whatever it is that women talk about, while the men stayed upstairs in the living room to watch the end of the football game on television.’
    • ‘This house didn't have a rec room, so I was stuck sitting in my own room and booting up the machine.’
    • ‘There was a large rec room, a laundry room, bathroom, and a bedroom on this floor.’
    • ‘Then you all go running into the house, and downstairs into the rec room, to sit with your Mom and watch the newsmen on the TV.’
    • ‘So Bobby hasn't invited you over since he found out the only reason you were friends with him was because of the amazing rec room at his parents' place?’
    • ‘Your friends are there, music is playing in the background, and the guys are in the rec room playing pool or darts.’
    • ‘She walked into the rec room moodily and sat down.’
    • ‘The room they're in contains a mini-refrigerator, an inflatable chair, and a bulletin board decorated with magazine cutouts of pop stars - all of the trappings of a suburban rec room.’
    • ‘The basement was set up as a rec room with a state of the art stereo, widescreen TV, computer consoles, pool table and a ton of other stuff.’


rec room