Definition of rebroadcast in English:



  • Broadcast or relay (a programme or signal) again.

    ‘the documentary will be rebroadcast on Saturday’
    ‘the radio dial is jammed with signals caught and rebroadcast by repeater antennas’
    • ‘An extra three million listeners are now listening through rebroadcasting partners than last year - that's 47 million listeners, over 31 per cent of the total audience.’
    • ‘Before the tsunami struck four leading local FM stations rebroadcast the BBC Indonesian service programmes live.’
    • ‘The camera would, in turn, rebroadcast the same signal.’
    • ‘Tonight we're rebroadcasting a historic program.’
    • ‘Of course, few people will be able to watch it at 10: 00 in the morning, but the station broadcasting it has announced that it will allow any other television station to rebroadcast the debate later in the day.’
    • ‘It readily accepts any audio source for rebroadcasting, including satellite, off-air or off-net programming.’
    • ‘If you only plan to repeat a few episodes of a series, it is common business sense to rebroadcast the episodes with the most sales potential.’
    • ‘Two of these rebroadcast foreign programs with Arabic subtitles.’
    • ‘Private enterprise put big aerial arrays at the tops of mountains and received BBC from Ulster or Wales, and rebroadcasted to the people in the valleys, such as Limerick city and county.’
    • ‘They then rebroadcast their programs around China by satellite.’
    • ‘A station on the earth's surface sends the signal to the satellite, which receives the signal and rebroadcasts it to other places on the earth.’
    • ‘They're on summer hiatus, but they're rebroadcasting shows they did earlier in the season.’
    • ‘Our international services often rebroadcast material originally recorded for the BBC's domestic services.’
    • ‘Stations there picked up and rebroadcast the analog signals relayed by satellite from the Netherlands.’
    • ‘The television screen is continually rebroadcasting footage of jeering Palestinians flashing victory signs on a street in Nablus.’
    • ‘It reduced the 10,000 fans in the ground to a state of hysteria and since BBC was rebroadcasting RTE's pictures across the globe, millions must have watched in wonder.’
    • ‘We're going to rebroadcast our interview with the late Rod Steiger.’
    • ‘Tomorrow night, we'll rebroadcast our interview with Ambassador Joe Wilson.’
    • ‘Radio stations rebroadcasted his Internet talks, and newspapers published his messages translated into Tamil.’
    • ‘Sebastian explains that the company is working to rebroadcast its signal terrestrially, so that it can be received by less expensive mobile receivers.’
    rebroadcast, rerun, reshow, replay
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  • A repeated or relayed broadcast.

    ‘unless it is a rebroadcast, the teacher will only have a very general idea of what the programme is about’
    • ‘The female skew was most evident during Saturday's opening ceremony rebroadcast, which attracted almost three-quarters of the female audience and 66 per cent of men.’
    • ‘Table Mountain has been chosen as the hub of the World Service's 70th anniversary celebrations because it was the site of one of the first rebroadcasts sent back to London.’
    • ‘Had those survived, there was conflict over who owned rebroadcast rights, anyway.’
    • ‘The rebroadcasts on cable were bad quality, and a lot of print and sound damage was apparent.’
    • ‘Today I listened to an hour-long interview with a peace activist (and it was a rebroadcast!’
    • ‘Millions of dollars in royalty payments for cable TV rebroadcasts are at stake.’
    • ‘It was only last year, after the merger announcement, that the regional ISP found itself booted from the rebroadcasts.’
    • ‘This forced the network to cancel a rebroadcast of the original show and the production of further episodes.’
    • ‘A trial of such rebroadcast is currently on in France, covering the Toulouse-Paris region, he says.’
    • ‘It starts September 4, and will continue each Wednesday at 11 pm, with rebroadcasts Saturdays at 5 pm and Sundays 4 am.’
    • ‘Don't miss the rebroadcast of the Geoff Stevens & Carl Frankel debate’
    • ‘I wonder if I can catch a rebroadcast of the England-Portugal quarter final today?’
    • ‘An audience of 3.1 million for the first episode of the first transmission had grown to 7.9 million for the final episode of the rebroadcast.’
    • ‘Any debate sponsor should thoroughly research all federal, state or local rules that might apply to the broadcast, to the debate itself, to the rebroadcast, to the transcript and to who is invited to participate in the debate.’
    • ‘Duplicate packet IDs are ignored, assuming it was the message on the other trunk or some other chassis requesting a rebroadcast.’
    • ‘TV have also gone so far as to cut the segment from the rebroadcast of the show that was scheduled for earlier this evening.’
    • ‘Events celebrating the Centennial of Flight Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2003, will be carried live by satellite and rebroadcast on NASA Television throughout the day.’
    • ‘I'm watching a rebroadcast of the Pope's funeral right now.’
    • ‘Programming will be controlled by the US and British military, but may include rebroadcasts from independent news outlets in both countries, the White House said.’
    • ‘Several other local fishing boats working in the area offered to assist after hearing the rebroadcast emergency call from the coastguards.’
    rerun, replay, rebroadcast, reshowing
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