Definition of rebid in English:


Pronunciation /riːˈbɪd//ˈriːbɪd/


[no object]
  • Bid again.

    ‘the group can rebid after June 18’
    • ‘Previous investors - French, Russian, or other - should get credit for money actually spent, which could be used to rebid on old or new reserves.’
    • ‘A spokesman said: ‘We have no plans to rebid.’’
    • ‘And the agency's chief told senators that the rebidding will prevent waste or abuse.’
    • ‘Consequently, the relationship is typically short-term with frequent contract rebids and changes in providers.’
    • ‘If that happens then they have to come out with a new contract and rebid it.’
    • ‘During the course of operating the program, it has been periodically necessary to change laboratory firms that test the urine specimens because government regulations require rebidding contracts.’
    • ‘Chicago's failures could see it be forced to rebid for $50m in funds that will go back into a federal pool.’
    • ‘And sometimes there's a structural change and you've got to go through and almost completely rebid the job.’
    • ‘A rail watchdog yesterday raised fears that the Government's decision to ask train operators to rebid for the Transpennine franchise will hit long-term investment in the route.’
    • ‘The then-president ordered a rebidding, and the bidder pulled out in disgust.’
    • ‘The most recent change occurred in 1998 when the laboratory services contract was again rebid.’
    • ‘Half the participants were unexpectedly asked to rebid higher to better their odds.’
    • ‘An Army official who declined to be identified confirmed the service's intention to break up and rebid the contract.’
    • ‘The Air Mail Act of 1934 more or less reaffirmed competitive bidding, and some rebidding ensued.’
    • ‘The US’ largest military and oil-services company sought on Tuesday to portray the Army's decision as an opportunity to derive more profit from work it chooses to rebid for.’
    • ‘Yet it now says that rebidding the contracts is so complex that it can't be done in less than nine months.’
    • ‘Or, the buyer may ask that the shop rebid based on new information.’
    • ‘The service is a result of the lottery operator's promise to use interactive services to sell tickets, which it made when rebidding for the contract.’
    • ‘Some sites prompt users to rebid a higher amount to improve their chances of acceptance - even though they fail to mention this beforehand, Humphrey says.’
    • ‘The airport insider said there were several other issues that forced the authority to repackage and rebid the project.’


  • A further bid.

    ‘the group is inviting rebids for the contract’
    ‘his hand did not look right for a rebid in no trumps’
    • ‘The process includes specific times for rebids and continues until bidding stops and an award is made.’
    • ‘The mayor today announced that the rebid has resulted in a lower cost per truck than the original bids.’
    • ‘Although striking union members would be harmed by the rebid, the airline now seeks to impose it on its pilots.’
    • ‘As a result, another insider said the authority's decision to scrap the negotiations and put the scheme out to a rebid did not bode well for its future commitment to the partnering-type approach.’