Definition of rebato in English:


(also rabato)


  • A large, stiff collar, fashionable from the late 16th to the mid 17th centuries, typically trimmed with lace.

    • ‘Her description of the Duchess of Milan's gown is detailed and enthusiastic; her opinions on 'rebatos' and 'tires' have the assurance of envious observation.’
    • ‘The exchange highlights the rebato's status as a high-fashion, luxury accessory.’
    • ‘He finally cajoles her into quiet with promises of a new coach and attendants, only to have a fresh quarrel break out over an expensive rebato she has bought for herself.’
    • ‘Pinning the ruff to the rebato was a time-consuming business.’
    • ‘Her ruff or band was pinned to her rebato.’
    neckband, choker
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Late 16th century: from French rabat ‘collar’ + the Italian suffix -ato.