Definition of reassure in English:


Pronunciation /riːəˈʃʊə//riːəˈʃɔː/


[with object]
  • Say or do something to remove the doubts or fears of (someone)

    ‘he understood her feelings and tried to reassure her’
    with object and clause ‘Joachim reassured him that he was needed’
    • ‘She's planning to be a volunteer teacher; it reassures me to know she's got such great aspirations.’
    • ‘He then spent the next half hour reassuring the man, who has not been named, until police arrived.’
    • ‘She says it is reassuring to learn that the rose is still available.’
    • ‘My tutor, however, reassures me the worst that can happen is I get pulled down a grade, or get my paper marked as though I only answered two out of three questions.’
    • ‘There's something about Perth that quickly reassures you after Australia's emptiness.’
    • ‘Her smile reassures David the outfit he chose was a wise decision.’
    • ‘He nods at me then I smile, as if reassuring him that I will never do that again.’
    • ‘A nurse will make sure you are comfortable and reassure you if you are nervous.’
    • ‘He then breaks into a big smile, as if to reassure me he is only teasing.’
    • ‘He reassures us that the scientific-minded and religious followers share faith in a grand design.’
    • ‘At first you may not always know what to do to soothe and reassure him.’
    • ‘The exhibition reassures us that the weaving tradition is alive and well, and developing in new and interesting fields.’
    • ‘His admission that there is still a doubt to be resolved is hardly likely to reassure the sceptics.’
    • ‘It means burglars tend to avoid the area and it also reassures the residents, reducing fear of crime.’
    • ‘Though higher-visibility policing does not detect crime, it reassures people and helps deter criminals.’
    • ‘I have also so far not spoken to the children on the phone as my husband reassures me that they are fine and a possible phone conversation may unsettle them.’
    • ‘The government reassures us that cash machines will not run dry, and that supermarkets will have enough supplies between Christmas and the New Year.’
    • ‘Wednesday's deceptively warm sunshine reassures us that we have been right in not worrying about sleeping arrangements.’
    • ‘Alex reassured him with a smile, and then lifted the laughing child into his arms.’
    • ‘The sight was slick, sick, and saddening, and yet oddly reassuring.’
    put someone's mind at rest, set someone's mind at rest, dispel someone's fears, bolster someone's confidence, restore someone's confidence, raise someone's spirits, put someone at ease, encourage, hearten, buoy up, cheer up
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