Definition of reappear in English:



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  • Appear again.

    ‘her symptoms reappeared’
    • ‘Some, dare I suggest, will reappear under a different name a few years later and repeat the cycle a second or even a third time.’
    • ‘Last November, doctors told him the cancer had reappeared, only this time it had spread and was terminal.’
    • ‘The symptoms reappeared in response to the challenge but did not reappear without pantoprazole.’
    • ‘The next time he reappears in the written record is in 1872 as a London police officer.’
    • ‘Four to five days after the new bottle arrived I noticed a lot of his old symptoms reappearing.’
    • ‘There was a viral logic to the show, with many of the same texts appearing and reappearing.’
    • ‘All of a sudden bright flashes of lights started appearing and reappearing all around the room.’
    • ‘He immediately retires to bed for an hour's rest, then reappears, bleary eyed, for a 45-minute massage.’
    • ‘Marc is infatuated by Uva who, when she reappears finally, no longer matches the fantasy he has constructed for her.’
    • ‘When the beat suddenly reappears, Wiley begins rapping at twice the speed to thrilling effect.’
    • ‘But whenever I stop taking it, the symptom reappears and again I start taking capsules.’
    • ‘Text appears and reappears but with differences in associated text and in a different order.’
    • ‘In the garden, Gretchen appears and reappears now and then to bring her cups of tea or glasses of juice.’
    • ‘Half of the people linking to us never show up and other links appear, disappear and reappear at random.’
    • ‘The nurse reappears to walk us down to the theatre, all very casual, no being portered down on trolleys.’
    • ‘A little while later, the guy making tea reappears with four mugs.’
    • ‘These beats often take a long time to appear, may fade or cease only to reappear again much later.’
    • ‘He will remain in custody until he reappears in court on January 17.’
    • ‘Our plates are clear of food, but sit in front of us for a good 10 minutes before the waitress reappears.’
    • ‘After 10 seconds or so, he reappears above water and the bay resounds to the sounds of whoops and cheers from the floating audience.’
    occur, take place, happen, come up, crop up, arise
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