Definition of reanalyse in English:


(US reanalyze)


[with object]
  • Conduct a further analysis of; analyse again.

    ‘researchers reanalysed tissue samples from women with breast cancer’
    • ‘But when data from seven previously published trials were reanalysed, varicocele treatment seemed to have little effect on fertility.’
    • ‘Having removed the referrals for outpatient groups, the outcome of other referrals was reanalysed.’
    • ‘Tett and Meyer used path analysis to reanalyse data from 155 different studies.’
    • ‘Results from 30 samples originally analysed in Bristol and reanalysed in Cambridge showed high levels of agreement.’
    • ‘Finally, we reanalysed the data stratified by age, sex, and income to test whether the effects of income inequality vary across the stratum.’
    • ‘We retrospectively reanalysed data from our single blind, randomised and controlled study of early identification of depression and pragmatic intervention by psychogeriatric consultation.’
    • ‘To optimise the comparability of the data, we reanalysed original data sources and we reclassified the data according to standard specifications.’
    • ‘This will be timed by the machine, after which it will prompt the operator to reanalyse the rhythm.’
    • ‘Publishing raw data may in a similar way enhance the speed and quality of research, as other researchers can reanalyse the data to verify results or to draw new conclusions.’
    • ‘Trials were retrospectively reanalysed, resulting in resurrection of a number of apparently dead patients and the discovery of a number of new deaths.’
    • ‘This may be reanalysed at any stage and provides an account of each traffic event observed.’
    • ‘However, in a recent study and in reanalyses conducted by Carroll, the correlation between measures of central tendency and intraindividual variability in performance was found to be high.’
    • ‘Twentieth century management principles can also be used to reanalyse problems from the classical world.’
    • ‘The researchers also reanalysed data they had previously collected for previously published research involving women in love.’
    • ‘Because of non-linearity and heteroscedasticity of the residual errors, we reanalysed the data after logarithmic transformation of the response variable.’
    • ‘Because it has been suggested that long term use of oral corticosteroids may modify results of skin prick tests we reanalysed the data after excluding the 110 patients taking oral corticosteroids.’
    • ‘A human will recognise that some moves hardly change the situation, and so will not bother reanalysing it.’
    • ‘We therefore brought together and reanalysed individual data from all European studies of residential radon and lung cancer that satisfied certain criteria.’
    • ‘We reanalysed the data taking into account the number of times the women did the hands and knees exercise.’
    • ‘We reanalysed the results of the 37 epidemiological studies to allow for the trend evident in the figure.’