Definition of realtor in English:



North American
  • A person who acts as an agent for the sale and purchase of buildings and land; an estate agent.

    • ‘Some brokers and realtors are able to offer lending and title services as well.’
    • ‘You can do so by calling your county's property records office, consulting your local realtors, querying sellers, and asking your neighbors.’
    • ‘And, amazingly enough, the realtor said that the owner would be happy to take Lucy.’
    • ‘When blacks failed to meet their financial obligations, the realtors repossessed the houses and repeated the process with other unsuspecting customers.’
    • ‘People who are successful in sales - insurance agents, realtors, stock brokers and car dealers - make the best fundraisers because they're used to ‘selling’ a product.’
    • ‘The realtor or broker may also recommend an appraiser who will value a house often at a higher price.’
    • ‘Thankfully she did hire a realtor instead of letting her ‘son the lawyer’ handle everything.’
    • ‘The top occupations of first-time domain buyers at the beginning of this year were photographers, attorneys, and realtors.’
    • ‘She had struggled all her life and to see and hear Scott talk to the realtors and his accountant and lawyer almost made her head swim.’
    • ‘Then she applied to Nehemiah, found a realtor, and went searching for her dream home.’
    • ‘As a result, despite the economic downturn, many realtors are marketing second homes as another investment for your retirement - only this is one investment you can periodically live in.’
    • ‘According to the realtor, both had come to see the place as a monument for their misery, so they wanted to get rid of it and get on with their separate lives.’
    • ‘Hiring a trustworthy realtor can alleviate some of the stresses associated with long distance selling or renting.’
    • ‘The conference programme ‘provides realtors with answers to the challenges’ they face every day in the modern business environment.’
    • ‘Certainly, some people - well, one could say mortgage brokers and realtors and so forth are definitely making money.’
    • ‘Jackson immediately began networking with mortgage brokers, realtors, and real estate investors.’
    • ‘For the Republicans, we need to show how drug policy hurts their constituencies - realtors, Chamber of Commerce types, and the business community.’
    • ‘Also, why do realtors encourage people in certain areas to take less money than they could really get when selling?’
    • ‘James spends about 35% of his time on the road, delivering training to mobile professionals, realtors, and small to mid-sized business owners.’
    • ‘Ross visits builders, realtors, and personnel directors at large corporations who can direct lots of potential customers to his site.’


Early 20th century: from realty + -or.