Definition of really and truly in English:

really and truly


  • Used to emphasize the sincerity of a statement or opinion.

    ‘I sometimes wonder whether you really and truly love me’
    • ‘What seems to have been forgotten in all this recent discussion of the fairness of lodging house bylaws is that students, really and truly, are very different from average citizens.’
    • ‘But ‘despite all that, it is still not a proper job and I continue to have the distinct feeling that, really and truly, I should have been at work.’’
    • ‘I'll try, really and truly, to snap out of it quickly.’
    • ‘You are really and truly, happy for your friend because something fantastic is happening in their life, but at the same time you are so jealous of them that you want to scream.’
    • ‘I mean, really and truly, how do you get by during the day?’