Definition of realizer in English:


(British realiser)


  • See realize

    • ‘Negative-minded realisers can kill the piece, the over-positive can encourage disproportionate growth.’
    • ‘For better and worse, this conductor - for the duration of a performance - might genuinely have felt that he was as much writer as realiser of the music before him.’
    • ‘Nothing illustrates more powerfully than these words the terrible gulf in the evaluations of Bharatvarsha's traditional institutions by ‘livers - realizers’ on the one hand and ‘researchers - scholars’ on the other.’
    • ‘From the players' point of view, there was celebration in one half that their realiser had not only composed out their freedom but also composed them out of a scheduled three hour rehearsal!’
    • ‘He praised the settlers ‘as pioneers, as realisers of a dream, and as those who bore the security and settlement burden for all of us’.’
    • ‘For India's great realizers, the primary evidence in support of their thesis is revealed scripture, such as the Vedanta-sutras.’
    • ‘The message is that as you see someone in the role of a suitable conversational interlocutor, you cannot help but see her as the addressee of certain oughts and, by the same token, as the realizer of certain cans.’