Definition of realize in English:


(British realise)


[with object]
  • 1Become fully aware of (something) as a fact; understand clearly.

    ‘he realized his mistake at once’
    with clause ‘they realized that something was wrong’
    • ‘A lot of our regulars are understanding and realise the grief this is causing to the staff.’
    • ‘In fact, not until my maturity did I fully realise the meaning of commitment and responsibility.’
    • ‘The key to understanding this is realizing that suction is not a force, but simply removing an opposing force to the force of air pressure which is already there.’
    • ‘There are glimpses of smoky rooms, rolling seas and fiery skies, all conveyed with the desperation of a man who clearly realizes his escapism is also his undoing.’
    • ‘Understanding and realizing these basic objectives still makes practising architecture in Africa very appealing.’
    • ‘I just realised it is in fact the same conversation, just the second stage of it.’
    • ‘He'd clearly said too much, and clearly only realized it after the words left his mouth.’
    • ‘Real media freedom, and not only in Bulgaria, can be achieved only when it walks hand in hand with a clearly realised responsibility.’
    • ‘It's one of those creepy little facts that makes you realize this war has been going on far longer than we know.’
    • ‘All institutions, including democratic ones, entrench some social facts in realizing their conditions of possibility.’
    • ‘In fact, when they realized guests liked it so much that they wanted to buy it, the McGoverns set up an art gallery in the inn.’
    • ‘Despite the fact that the community realizes the need for the extra room and is willing to help him, things are unable to move because they are caught in a political wrangle.’
    • ‘Without even realizing it, Barcelono understood the argument.’
    • ‘How information about the fundamental niche can be inherited, when it is rarely realized, is not understood.’
    • ‘Sometimes, all too often in fact, you only realise the real richness of what you have on your own doorstep when someone else brings it to your attention.’
    • ‘In fact, I realized it only when my own sweat began to drip off my brow and into my eye.’
    • ‘Clearly they have realised the gamble hasn't paid off.’
    • ‘I still remember clearly that I realized my responsibility to create our new home.’
    • ‘Until I went through the episode reviews, I didn't fully understand or realize the deep flaws in the writing.’
    • ‘Without our realizing it, these facts have profoundly changed.’
    register, perceive, discern, be aware of, become aware of, be aware of the fact that, become aware of the fact that, be conscious of, become conscious of, be conscious of the fact that, become conscious of the fact that, notice
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  • 2Cause to happen.

    ‘his worst fears have been realized’
    • ‘If these immigrants could succeed, it proved that anyone could realize the American Dream.’
    • ‘For John Cooper, Russell Ward and Joe Dixon, the dream had finally been realised.’
    • ‘Sadly, that dream has not been realised, but it could be.’
    • ‘James Kirby is part way to realising his holiday dream.’
    • ‘He died before their dream could be realised but not before he became the largest single owner of the cars in the world.’
    • ‘In the first chapter, Gutfeld asks if the European dream of Enlightenment was realized in America.’
    • ‘In contrast to liberty, equality is an almost intangible romantic dream, to be realized sometime in the future.’
    • ‘It had also pepped up his spirits to realise a higher dream like participating in an international event.’
    • ‘Especially in the age of postmodernism or the New Age, many people are eager to enjoy their present moments and realize their own individual dreams.’
    • ‘A Mitchell woman's dream will be realized on July 6 when the first soup kitchen opens in Steinbach.’
    • ‘We are closer to realizing Dr. King's dream, but still have much farther to go.’
    • ‘She was finally realizing her biggest dream and she couldn't give it all up for a stupid guy.’
    • ‘The play-offs seemed a certainty before Christmas, but a rapid turn around in fortune is needed if those dreams are to be realised.’
    • ‘Part of this dream will be realised this summer when the highways authority officially imposes a 7.5 tonne weight restriction on vehicles passing through the town.’
    • ‘I look forward to the day when such dreams might be realized.’
    • ‘As they have been realised, the dreams themselves have assumed a peculiar character of sobriety, of the spirit of positivism, and beyond that, of boredom.’
    • ‘From the age of six, when he first picked up a guitar he dreamed of being a star, and now that dream could well be realised.’
    • ‘You are just a few simple steps away from realizing your most sacred dreams and goals.’
    • ‘I lead a perfectly normal life, have dreams and ambitions just like the good children out there, and even realize some of those dreams every once in a while.’
    • ‘IT has taken just a century and a half but Florence Nightingale's dream is finally being realised at a Yorkshire hospital.’
    1. 2.1 Achieve (something desired or anticipated); fulfil.
      ‘it is only now that she is beginning to realize her potential’
      • ‘That potential was just beginning to be realized as civil war intervened.’
      • ‘It's measured in terms of young lives whose potential can be realised.’
      • ‘These individuals are encouraged to realize their basest desires in the US military.’
      • ‘It is only in proportion as this is realised that you will fulfil the true mission which is yours.’
      • ‘But seven out of ten Yorkshire builders said they were still struggling to realise their full potential due to a shortage of skilled workers.’
      • ‘If this potential is to be realised access routes to the town will need upgrading and rail and bus links will need major improvement.’
      • ‘However, he said prices were still too high and would have to be lowered if broadband's potential was to be realised.’
      • ‘What is shaping up to be a potential Asian version of Walt Disney is, it seems, only just beginning to be realized.’
      • ‘It's measured in terms of young lives whose potential can be realized.’
      • ‘But now the area's full potential could finally be realised with a huge development to bring football into the community.’
      • ‘The internet is a vast resource, but to realise its full potential it is necessary to direct consumers to high quality information and to teach them how to assess the quality of information.’
      • ‘It is only through dedication to training that their undoubted potential will be realized.’
      • ‘For Holmes, that great double has now been realised - an achievement that is multiplied many times by that rare league of athletes within whose ranks she now stands.’
      • ‘The essay then goes on to outline a seven-tier plan outlining how Canada's potential can be realized.’
      • ‘You know it can seem like opportunities are missed, that time has been wasted, or that innate potential is not being realised during times like that.’
      • ‘The fact that we realized significant gains makes us hungrier to find even more.’
      • ‘These policies were designed to realise the full democratic potential of this body and to advance educational provisions in county Laois.’
      • ‘The demand in Ireland is also growing as overhead costs and staff costs continue to rise, with many using the service once and then realising its greater potential for other tasks.’
      • ‘But he is confident that Everton have the potential to help him realise that ambition.’
      • ‘His desire to realize Henry VIII's plan to subdue French influence in Scotland and achieve the union of the Crowns became an obsession.’
      fulfil, achieve, accomplish, make real, make a reality, make happen, make concrete, bring to fruition, bring about, bring off, consummate, perform, carry out, carry through, execute, actualize, effect
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  • 3Give actual or physical form to.

    ‘the stage designs have been beautifully realized’
    • ‘Fully realized characters demand to be understood on their own terms.’
    • ‘The pivotal role of young Billy Casper is beautifully realised by Andrew Garfield, making his Exchange debut.’
    • ‘The art direction is fantastic, as well - it's a coherently-imagined world, beautifully realised.’
    • ‘The garden is the most striking element of this production, beautifully realised by Tony Tripp.’
    • ‘Based on a rich and insightful script, this film is beautifully realised with a directorial approach that places the emphasis firmly on performances.’
    • ‘The film also beautifully realizes the unusual, emotionally charged, and heartbreaking romance between Winchell and Addams.’
    • ‘I always found it hard to imagine Wilde in prison, but Eagleton realises him beautifully, full of humility and humiliation.’
    • ‘Others are preserving digital data for infinite periods of time, realizing that the physical media will change many times during the lifetime of data.’
    • ‘It's Thewlis who does the best job, realising Lupin as honestly and beautifully as his book-based counterpart.’
    • ‘Cage is superbly low-key as the dysfunctional David whose inability to apply himself to adult life is both perfectly realised and beautifully relayed.’
    • ‘And then there's a beautifully realised song which contains a stirring beat and all the inspiration of a wonderful early morning.’
    • ‘Human nature has to be ordered and realized in actual human virtues before the child truly enters the social world.’
    1. 3.1 Use (a linguistic feature) in a particular spoken or written form.
      ‘the item can be realized with a fully low front vowel’
    2. 3.2Music Add to or complete (a piece of music left sparsely notated by the composer)
      ‘other reconstruction work has involved realizing short score into full score’
      • ‘The opera as realised by Berio ends quietly, uncertainly, even painfully.’
      • ‘Perhaps it is here that Ansermet's approach brings out music that is in the notes but not always realized by others.’
      • ‘That statement is clearly an indication of someone who does not like conductors and one who does not realize the importance of a good conductor in realizing a piece of music.’
      • ‘Composers need outstanding interpreters who understand the music and can realise all its implications in performance.’
      • ‘The solo instrument details realized transformed the music to something else.’
      • ‘For me, paintings were musical compositions without the need for musicians to realize the ideas.’
  • 4Make (a profit) from a transaction.

    ‘she realized a profit of $100,000’
    • ‘Their shares are sold the day before the predicted market crash but instead of the corporation realising a huge profit the share market remains stable and the corporation itself collapses.’
    • ‘The option's cost, known as a premium, reduces any profit you realize on the stock.’
    • ‘It apparently wishes to realise a quick profit from the sale of its airline stake in order to offset these losses.’
    • ‘However, to realize their profits, capitalists need to sell the products that their workers produce to consumers who are willing and able to buy them.’
    • ‘The profit realized from the sale of the school funded the new Monticello College Foundation.’
    • ‘This immediately indicates that demand for our goods remain stable, and that we have to adjust the input side, to realise bigger profits.’
    • ‘If they do it quite frequently as I suspect, they will not realize any major capital gains.’
    • ‘In this way, newly-built and joint-venture multiplex cinemas might realize the biggest profits from the regulation.’
    • ‘This is a fair price and a decent mark-up - 40 per cent - for investors who took our advice in late May to realise some profits.’
    • ‘The question is therefore for how long will these traders wait to realize profits.’
    • ‘His arm of the bank has realised profits from some of its investments, through early refinancing of the deals.’
    • ‘First, not only was the contract profitable but it would have been necessary to complete it in order to realise that profit.’
    • ‘Markets will continue to be cleared in this way and profits realised, so long as sufficient surplus value is extracted from the working class.’
    • ‘Each new project is financed by the profit realised by selling the last.’
    • ‘If he had done so, a profit would have been realised on all three transactions.’
    • ‘The same profit from ownership is realized either way, but not the same tax.’
    • ‘Now, they reflected profits that had been realised.’
    • ‘Landlords and property vendors who take a realistic approach to the London market may not make the big killings of the past seven years but will still realise a healthy profit.’
    • ‘Last April, the group sold a property, realising a profit of €1.5 million.’
    • ‘Mr Li said the low profits that farmers had realised from the sale of their produce mainly maize last year had been the main contributing factor.’
    make, obtain, clear, acquire, gain, bring in, reap
    be sold for, sell for, fetch, go for, get, make, net
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    1. 4.1 Be sold for.
      ‘the drawings are expected to realize £500,000’
      • ‘It will go under the hammer on December 2 and is expected to realise over $1 million.’
      • ‘Expected to realise in the region of £3 million, the sale features the entire range of objects that Hirst designed for the restaurant.’
      • ‘These solutions allow a company's assets to realize the maximum possible return on investment.’
      • ‘No allowance is to be made because the acquisition was compulsory; and land is to be valued at the price it might be expected to realise if sold by a willing seller, not an unwilling seller.’
      • ‘New to the market, it is expected to realise between €50,000 and €70,000.’
      • ‘Proceeds remitted into Ireland from the disposal of an asset which realised a gain will be treated as a remittance of the gain up to the value of that gain.’
      • ‘This version in oil is expected to realise between €36,000 and €50,400.’
      • ‘The nine going under the hammer are expected to realise between $65 million and $95 million.’
      • ‘According to Mr Meghen, it is too early to say what sums will be realised from the plant sell off, but it's likely to yield millions of euro.’
      • ‘The transport company's directors estimate that the company's assets will realise £67,000.’
      sell for, bring in, raise, yield, make, earn, command, cost, be priced at, come to, amount to
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    2. 4.2 Convert (an asset) into cash.
      ‘he realized all the assets in her trust fund’
      • ‘You would likely see people realising capital gains or asset classes in order to avoid the 40% rate.’
      • ‘If it is sold, the city will be realising a capital asset.’
      • ‘Once the liquidator has realised all the company's assets, s/he will then set about satisfying the claims made by the creditors.’
      • ‘On the basis he had realised all of the assets and these would be used to cover his fees, there had been no point advertising for potential creditors to come forward because there was nothing in the pot for them.’
      • ‘Most car dealerships tend to occupy freehold property and have realised property assets to help finance their acquisitions.’
      • ‘If investments are made in the child's name absolutely, the child has control and can realise the assets whenever he or she wishes.’
      • ‘All of his assets must now be realised and paid to the Crown.’
      • ‘The liquidators must get in and realise the company's assets as best they may whatever may be the country in which the assets are situated.’
      • ‘Except, of course, our homes can't really be thought of as an investment - unless we're in a position to realise our profit and still provide ourselves with a roof over our heads.’
      • ‘The main concern of the Central Bank was to ensure that clients got paid in full and that would require an investment of some sort unless there were assets which could be realised.’
      • ‘Superior claims may baulk inferior ones, but the liquidator's duty is to realise the assets of all in accordance with their rights.’
      • ‘Thus, if the value of the asset falls in the interim, the claimant will be entitled to recover the difference between the price paid and the actual value of the asset realised on sale.’
      • ‘The receivers proceeded to realize the assets charged by the fixed and floating charges created by the debentures.’
      • ‘Home ownership is paper wealth only - it cannot be realised without selling up and buying another home.’
      • ‘The report states that all assets have been realised pursuant to the confiscation order.’
      • ‘As at 18 December, 2001, the company had realised many of its assets and satisfied most of its debts.’
      • ‘True savings will not be realized until subsequent vehicle generations.’
      • ‘Thus, any businessman could see that now, especially given York City's poor financial and playing situation, is a good time to realise one's assets.’
      • ‘To be successful, though, venture capitalists need to realise their investments regularly.’
      • ‘This form of funding is needed where a person buys a new house before the sale proceeds of the former property have been realised.’
      cash in, convert into cash
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Early 17th century: from real, on the pattern of French réaliser.