Definition of realistic in English:



  • 1Having or showing a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected.

    ‘I thought we had a realistic chance of winning’
    • ‘I didn't feel that I had a realistic chance to improve things with the budget I had.’
    • ‘He saw tennis as the most realistic chance for his five daughters to escape the ghetto.’
    • ‘Clear this hurdle, and they have a realistic chance of running Australia close.’
    • ‘They are trying to gather everyone's ideas and to form the ideas into a realistic plan.’
    • ‘Is it realistic to expect them to address the equity versus efficiency dilemma?’
    • ‘In the Patents Court, I would hope that a realistic figure would be eighteen months or less.’
    • ‘Crocker had said beforehand that he was going to win, but no-one really gave him a realistic chance.’
    • ‘There are many waters in the UK where you can fly fish for pike with a realistic chance of catching a good fish.’
    • ‘Fake guns are now so realistic that even the practiced eye of a police marksman can be fooled.’
    • ‘Too sticky a surface could rob the Scots of a realistic chance of maintaining their run of success.’
    • ‘She listened to patients' problems and helped them in realistic and practical ways.’
    • ‘There is also a realistic chance of progressing to compete on the big stage.’
    • ‘He should be positive, practical and realistic about what we can and cannot do.’
    • ‘You will also need to be realistic about what you expect from your birth family.’
    • ‘Is it possible to get a realistic idea of the team's pace relative to the opposition?’
    • ‘His figures are realistic and dynamic, with an astounding range of body types.’
    • ‘The big fellow trooped off - with him went any realistic chance his men had of winning.’
    • ‘To achieve a realistic roll a Catholic school will often have to draw in pupils from a very wide area.’
    • ‘Holgate are the only club left with a realistic chance of making up the deficit.’
    • ‘Around half of that figure is more realistic, plus any cash he can raise from selling players.’
    achievable, attainable, feasible, practicable, within the bounds of possibility, viable, reasonable, sensible, logical, workable
    practical, pragmatic, matter-of-fact, down-to-earth, sensible, commonsensical
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  • 2Representing things in a way that is accurate and true to life.

    ‘a realistic human drama’
    • ‘It's more expensive, looks less realistic and less convincing, and it puts actors off.’
    • ‘It adds an extra layer of authenticity to an already frighteningly realistic film.’
    • ‘This show is probably the most realistic medical drama on British television.’
    • ‘While the film looks realistic, naturalistic, it is still a film and tells a story.’
    • ‘It also helps if the graphics are as smooth and as realistic as possible and game load times are short.’
    • ‘Yet again this painting marks a break from the traditional style of realistic representation in art.’
    • ‘The fake page does have a realistic look to it, complete with a flashy cover graphic.’
    • ‘The fantasy elements are there to serve what I hope is a realistic depiction of human nature.’
    true to life, lifelike, true, truthful, faithful, real-life, close, naturalistic, authentic, genuine, representational, graphic, convincing
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