Definition of real wages in English:

real wages

plural noun

  • Income expressed in terms of purchasing power as opposed to actual money received.

    ‘what happens to real wages depends on changes in both money wages and prices’
    • ‘Import substitution basically relied on expansion of internal markets with rising real wages as part of the strategy.’
    • ‘People who are employed are likely to oppose reform that lowers their real wages.’
    • ‘He then proposed to show that since consumer prices had risen less than money wages, real wages had risen.’
    • ‘Record low unemployment and higher real wages resulted, but so did the tech boom and stock market bubble.’
    • ‘In theoretical terms regional real wages are defined as the nominal wage payable in the region divided by the local regional cost of living.’
    • ‘For example, an economist can argue that increasing government regulations hamper productivity and thus lower real wages.’
    • ‘Rational behavior suggests that suppliers of labor respond to real wages, rather than money wages.’
    • ‘These forces increased real wages and reduced land rents, with the gains to labor offsetting the losses to land.’
    • ‘Another angle on the question of whether the nation can afford social security is obtained by examining real wages.’
    • ‘Consequently, stagnation of real wages has reduced the gap between revenue and benefit payment growth.’
    • ‘Interventionism in all of its forms serves to undermine capital accumulation and thus the productivity of labor and real wages.’
    • ‘But - if its gradient can be just so - the rise in money wages will mask a fall in real wages and unemployment will recede.’
    • ‘Its continuous accumulation is the foundation of high and rising real wages and a high and rising standard of living for everyone.’
    • ‘However, that trend was more attributable to the improved real wages of the older women than to the falling wages of the younger ones.’
    • ‘This promotes new opportunities, higher real wages, higher productivity, and improved living standards.’
    • ‘Stronger productivity growth offers the potential for rising real wages and low inflation.’
    • ‘As a result, the rise in real wages may be accompanied by rising money wage rates and by constant or even rising product prices.’
    • ‘The wage base grows as more workers gain employment and real wages increase.’
    • ‘A high degree of wage flexibility at the macro-level means that real wages are highly sensitive to changes in the rate of unemployment.’
    • ‘An older view was that the law of diminishing returns meant that adding population to fixed capital reduced marginal product and hence real wages.’