Definition of ready money in English:

ready money

(also ready cash)


mass noun
  • Money in the form of cash that is immediately available.

    ‘you might find yourself without the ready money you need to snap up a bargain’
    • ‘Households now hoard cash - there is a boom in cash boxes - even keeping ready money in the fridge.’
    • ‘Another worry is that while retail investors often lack ready cash of their own, many lenders seem all too willing to bankroll them through both personal and margin loans.’
    • ‘The spiralling cost of houses means that a home is a huge outlay in terms of borrowing and ready cash.’
    • ‘There are several reasons why you need a pot of ready cash: to cope with unforeseen emergencies and unexpected bills, to save for holidays and other goals, etc.’
    • ‘For a few thousand dollars in ready cash, the newly hired private guards give up the possibility of a lifelong guaranteed retirement income.’
    • ‘In cash terms, however, maize production was a net drain on ready money: cash payments exceeded the value of sales by $132.’
    • ‘Fall and winter were ideal times to increase furniture stock because successful planters had ready money from the annual cotton sales.’
    • ‘So it needs plenty of ready cash to buy before competitors do.’
    • ‘In the UK assessment can take into account how much ready cash you have in savings or investments.’
    • ‘Still, it looks like a good business opportunity for someone with an immediate need for huge amounts of ready cash.’
    • ‘The next day, a friend brought him to the basement of a certain seaside home, where they met with two mysterious strangers, guys who had ready cash and a taste for offbeat investments.’
    • ‘A company with plenty of ready cash can invest in its future growth, perhaps by making an acquisition or funding research and development.’
    • ‘Borrowing from family or friends can provide ready cash, easier terms, and a longer repayment period than traditional sources of debt financing.’
    • ‘Where the production of such a document is not required and the balance is payable on demand, the balance is considered ready money.’
    • ‘Its main selling point is that ready cash is lent at the much cheaper rates than apply to mortgages.’
    • ‘In other words, it will take time to get your hands to turn capital in your property into ready cash.’
    • ‘They are willing to absorb the cost of the interest differential if such a practice assures them of instant access to ready cash.’
    • ‘The dotcom crash shows that investing successfully in start-ups demands more than just large sums of ready cash.’
    • ‘But the rise of cottage industries and the availability of ready cash has brought more recreational activities.’
    • ‘But paper profits on houses cannot usually be turned easily into ready cash - and there is a risk of static, or even falling, house prices in 2003.’
    cash, hard cash
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ready money