Definition of readopt in English:



  • 1Adopt (a physical position) again.

    ‘the dog has readopted a sitting posture’
    • ‘I stumbled backwards a step then readopted my basketball blocking stance.’
    • ‘After allowing the patient to re-adopt the neutral position, repeat two or three times, increasing the applied force slightly each time.’
    • ‘Occasionally, scorpions would lift their pedipalps and pectines, reorient by moving forward or pivoting, then re-adopt the alert stance.’
    1. 1.1 Start to follow (a principle or course of action) again.
      ‘the new government readopted many of the methods of the old regime’
      • ‘When - like all his predecessors - he then readopted it in office, the result was, almost overnight, the industrial tremors that shook Juppé down.’
      • ‘Jason has now readopted his father's surname and is amazed by the similarities between them.’
      • ‘In 1970, 1975 and 1982, Congress readopted and broadened the coverage of Section 5, based upon a continued need for preclearance of new voting procedures.’
      • ‘This line was initiated in Ireland also by the Gaelic language movement at the end of the 19th century, but by that time the Irish people themselves had abandoned the language and have not subsequently been persuaded to readopt it.’
      • ‘On one level, the change was simple - the colony readopted Hector's military organization, with a vengeance.’
      • ‘In 1982, President Ronald Reagan signed legislation readopting the name USIA.’
      • ‘In 1959 the original title was readopted, under which it continues to appear.’
      • ‘He is looking forward to readopting the Parisian lifestyle.’
      • ‘Cut your losses and do what I did: for now, at least, consider readopting the old techniques that worked.’
      • ‘Not only does this make no sense but under the language the party plans to readopt this year, it would be flatly unconstitutional.’
      • ‘The Racing and Wagering Board has readopted the fluphenazine rule on an emergency basis five times since first introducing it on October 30.’
      • ‘As many of you know - and some of you know all too well - the Commission's EEO rules were promulgated, struck down by the Court of Appeals, rewritten, readopted and struck down again.’
      • ‘Just a few weeks ago they readopted their old name, after renaming the organization several times previously.’
      • ‘By contrast, although he approved the designation prophet, this was one of the first of his appellations to be discarded by the Church, one that has never since been readopted.’
      • ‘Most of all, he keeps faith with his native and then readopted community, and details its gradual death at the hands of a rapacious consumer economy and an increasingly exploitative relation to the land.’
      • ‘The revival of bilingual education started in the early and middle 1980s with re-establishing minority schools in type I minority communities and readopting abandoned writing systems in schools in type 2 and type 3 minority communities.’
      • ‘In the following years, the written languages of Bai, Bouyei, Dong, Hani, Naxi, Lisu, Lahu, Va, Zaiwa, Miao, and Xibei were also readopted.’
      • ‘The British High Commission had a sharp increase in inquiries yesterday from whites seeking to readopt British citizenship following the violence.’
      • ‘The tricolor was readopted on Aug. 22, 1993, and Flag Day became a holiday.’
      • ‘After reunification, the parliament decided to readopt Berlin as Germany's capital.’