Definition of read someone's mind (or thoughts) in English:

read someone's mind (or thoughts)


  • Discern what someone is thinking.

    ‘he nodded, as though he could read her mind and approved of her attitude’
    • ‘As if reading my mind, Rafael rises from the conference table and says, ‘I swear I don't have a mistress in Beijing.’’
    • ‘But I hate him because he always seems to be reading my mind and telling me what I think of myself.’
    • ‘When I ask him what sparked his needle-picking mission, he reads my mind.’
    • ‘It was like he was reading my mind and playing it back so I have to think it was a dream.’
    • ‘No, she doesn't have eyes in the back of her head, but she could be reading your mind.’
    • ‘A paralysed man in the US has become the first person to benefit from a brain chip that reads his mind.’
    • ‘Ms Lauren reads my mind and posts questions on a topic I've been thinking about recently, snobbery.’
    • ‘For perhaps, even as you may be watching a feat performed by a magician, he can be reading your mind.’
    • ‘Anyone claiming to be a mind reader has definitely not read my mind correctly on this one.’
    • ‘You think of a number, the computer reads your mind and guesses the number.’