Definition of read-out in English:



  • 1A visual record or display of the output from a computer or scientific instrument.

    ‘a digital read-out of latitude and longitude’
    as modifier ‘flight data read-out units’
    • ‘Walking him over to one of the medical beds she set him on it then went to her computer to study the read-outs that the suit picked up from him during the fight.’
    • ‘These paintings, like the GPS longitude, latitude, and time read-outs, simply mark the artist's presence.’
    • ‘The easiest way to get an accurate check is with a GPS speed-trap locator or portable sat nav unit, which have speed read-outs that are totally accurate.’
    • ‘For starters, all controls and mechanical read-outs (temps; rpm's; pressures etc…) are now read off a single, large display, tidying up the cab interior and making the operator's job easier.’
    • ‘In addition, measuring gauges have become more sophisticated over the years moving from simple measuring systems to automatic linear positioners to air-stops and digital read-outs - all making set-ups quicker and easier.’
    • ‘Reaching for his brother's wrist, he quickly checked the energy read-outs, then sat back on his heels with a smirk.’
    • ‘Thsi car's strength here is the well-spaced instrumentation and information read-outs, the high-position display softly lit to ensure the right button is hit first time, every time.’
    • ‘With the onset of postcode read-outs, we now know that the majority of Edinburgh households do not decamp for the month, having sublet their properties to theatre companies at outrageous mark-ups.’
    • ‘This old-school British feel even extends to the more modern elements such as climate control, which offers read-outs in Imperial Fahrenheit.’
    • ‘With the 63 litre tank full the computer gave a read-out of more than 1000 km to empty!’
    • ‘‘Uh-huh,’ Leanne said, checking some of the read-outs on her console.’
    • ‘The digital read-out showed ‘12 ‘in big, red, blocky numbers.’’
    • ‘The dash stretches miles in front of you and the digital read-outs are centrally mounted.’
    • ‘Finally, the digital read-out panel for the radio resembled the LCD of an early generation Gameboy - not the ideal driver/machine interface.’
    • ‘He was still breathing on his own, and all his monitor read-outs looked stable.’
    • ‘One of the many scientists who had come to oversee the start of the process looked up from a computer read-out that he had been watching, and answered, ‘You won't have to.’’
    • ‘The ‘eyes’ were LED read-outs in either kilowatt-hours or the amount of actual money you are currently throwing out the window.’
    • ‘He was adamant that the start had been legal, but after I had shown him our read-outs, he had to apologise.’
    • ‘They have their read-outs and their strategies and they can see that their man is gaining on the chap in front as each lap slides by.’
    • ‘All read-outs were checked for accurate base calling and assembled using a reliable system.’
    read out, read aloud, say aloud, recite, declaim
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  • 2US An official statement summarizing the points discussed during a meeting or phone call between diplomats or political figures.

    ‘the White House read-out of the call came after the prime minister postponed a key speech on the European Union’