Definition of reactor in English:



  • 1An apparatus or structure in which fissile material can be made to undergo a controlled, self-sustaining nuclear reaction with the consequent release of energy.

    • ‘Under the agreement, the U.S. is leading an international effort to build two light-water reactors in North Korea.’
    • ‘The difference between an atomic bomb and a nuclear reactor is in the speed and control of the release of energy.’
    • ‘And they have reactivated a mothballed nuclear reactor that can produce weapons-grade plutonium.’
    • ‘However, as is well known, the reactor began to shut down spontaneously within a few hours.’
    • ‘The plant's reactor No.1 was originally scheduled to go online in July 2004.’
    • ‘A colony on the moon almost certainly would require an atomic reactor for power.’
    • ‘The temperature in the reactors began to rise, melting some steel plates.’
    • ‘The EU regards four of the plant's six reactors as unsafe.’
    • ‘I think we should develop pebble bed reactors and continue to do research on fusion energy.’
    • ‘But, pebble reactors do not have the same crash shields required of light-water breeder reactors.’
    • ‘There have been 300 reactors decommissioned around the world including perhaps 100 commercial power stations.’
    • ‘I think we have more chance of turning it into a light-water fusion reactor.’
    • ‘Although Cuba does not yet have any operating nuclear power reactors, it is a signatory to this convention.’
    • ‘The downside is that all the criteria needed to build a fusion reactor are rather difficult to achieve simultaneously.’
    • ‘Commercial nuclear power reactors are clearly terror targets, particularly those near airports.’
    • ‘We're going to restart the five megawatt reactor.’
    • ‘I once worked in the control room of an atomic reactor.’
    • ‘The uranium, less than 5 percent enriched, will be used for fuel for civilian reactors.’
    • ‘In the end, Bulgaria agreed to close the four old reactors at the plant.’
    • ‘The nuclear reactor releases energy in the form of heat which is used to generate steam, and the steam to generate electricity.’
    1. 1.1A container or apparatus in which substances are made to react chemically, especially one in an industrial plant.
      • ‘The organ was placed in a Teflon bag that neutrons can pass through and taken to a research reactor nearby, where it was irradiated with neutrons.’
      • ‘Fossil fuel burning plants could simply place a serpentine reactor as the last component of their emissions clean up and sequester carbon on site.’
      • ‘The dehydrogenation and selective hydrogenation reactors were run continuously and the product collected.’
      • ‘A green chemistry example concerns the transfer of raw polymer resin into reactors.’
      • ‘Solar receivers absorb this concentrated solar radiation and deliver it, in the form of high-temperature heat, to a chemical reactor wherein an endothermic reaction results in the production of solar fuels.’
  • 2Medicine
    A person who shows an immune response to a specific antigen or an adverse reaction to a drug or other substance.

    • ‘There is an urgent need to redefine the criteria for revaccination in abortive reactors who show preliminary response stages but do not develop a scar.’
    • ‘With a high rate of spontaneous cure of the illness, such studies need a large number of subjects to balance the expected high placebo reactors.’
    • ‘Production of IL - 12, IL - 4 and IL-IO was similar in TB patients and healthy tuberculin reactors.’
    • ‘The response of the eight reactors to the inhaled bronchodilator given at 6 hours (the end of the observation time) is shown in Figure 4.’
  • 3Physics
    A coil or other component which provides reactance in a circuit.