Definition of reactivate in English:



  • Restore (something) to a state of activity; bring back into action.

    ‘the government announced measures to reactivate the economy’
    ‘the committee was reactivated’
    • ‘I think that Alison's portrait reactivates this dormant aspect of Trafalgar Square.’
    • ‘The systems are reactivated when the handset is out of range.’
    • ‘John Smyth, a spokesman, says the movement is reactivating its base.’
    • ‘HIS Royal Highness the Prince of Wales has officially reactivated a steam engine.’
    • ‘The stress caused by the collision is thought to have reactivated the cancer cells, causing it to spread to other parts of her body.’
    stimulate, excite, stir up, arouse, rouse, waken, animate, activate, incite, galvanize, instigate, whet, inspire, kindle, fan, refresh, strengthen, invigorate, reanimate, revive, revitalize, resuscitate, revivify
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