Definition of reactivate in English:



[with object]
  • Restore (something) to a state of activity; bring back into action.

    ‘the government announced measures to reactivate the economy’
    ‘the committee was reactivated’
    • ‘John Smyth, a spokesman, says the movement is reactivating its base.’
    • ‘I think that Alison's portrait reactivates this dormant aspect of Trafalgar Square.’
    • ‘The systems are reactivated when the handset is out of range.’
    • ‘The stress caused by the collision is thought to have reactivated the cancer cells, causing it to spread to other parts of her body.’
    • ‘HIS Royal Highness the Prince of Wales has officially reactivated a steam engine.’
    stimulate, excite, stir up, arouse, rouse, waken, animate, activate, incite, galvanize, instigate, whet, inspire, kindle, fan, refresh, strengthen, invigorate, reanimate, revive, revitalize, resuscitate, revivify
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