Definition of reaction shot in English:

reaction shot


  • (in a film or video recording) a portrayal of a person's response to an event or to a statement made by another.

    ‘you can zoom in fast to get a reaction shot of a member of the crowd’
    • ‘Had I just done a close-up here or a reaction shot there, the scenes would have had a better pay off.’
    • ‘As an actor himself, he knows the power of the reaction shot.’
    • ‘With a single reaction shot, Cleese generates the film's biggest laugh.’
    • ‘The tight close-up on his reaction shot after Patty innocently states that she ‘likes to be kissed’ could easily stand as one of film history's funniest frames.’
    • ‘As the interviewer drones on about the position, their is a close-up reaction shot of Vincent.’