Definition of reach someone's ears in English:

reach someone's ears


  • Be heard or heard about by someone.

    ‘the sound of running feet reached my ears’
    ‘one of those stories reached our ears’
    • ‘Individually we can take steps to generally control what sounds reach our ears in the privacy of our home.’
    • ‘They fell out on Vietnam, and Johnson retailed nasty gibes that he knew would reach Lippmann's ears.’
    • ‘The latest rumour to reach Mr Kyaw's ears, however, was an encouraging one.’
    • ‘Inside, the sound of a symphony warming up reached her ears.’
    • ‘This cheery news reached my ears via the steam-driven radio the other night.’
    • ‘The next sound that reached his ears shocked him even more.’
    • ‘Some of the rumors would reach my children's ears and upset them.’
    • ‘Exhausted out of reason and numb with pain, Rose pushed and the most beautiful sound in the world reached her ears.’
    • ‘A voice from the shadows of the room reached my ears.’
    • ‘Spektor does, however, constantly employ a trick I consider dirty: She reaches her audience's ears and heartstrings through feigned naivete.’