Definition of re-up in English:



[no object]US
  • 1Re-enlist.

    ‘he never regretted re-upping during the war’
    • ‘Of course, the usual caveats are attached to this story—could get worse, Guard and Reserve troops won't re-up, etc., etc., etc.’
    • ‘As a lance corporal whose enlistment was nearly over, he knew he would have to re-up in the reserves in order to qualify for education benefits.’
    • ‘And some divisions, like the National Guard, are pushing for new incentives to reel in recruits and get the already enlisted to re-up.’
    • ‘Second, his proposal is premised on the idea that you should make it virtually impossible to leave the military, forcing the economically disadvantaged to re-up.’
    • ‘The USA Today piece points out the non-financial motivations that lead Gis to re-up.’
    • ‘Now, apparently for only $8 million more, the study will expand to "getting families to re-up in time of war."’
    • ‘To receive the bonus, soldiers have to re-up for a minimum of three years.’
    • ‘If they don't re-up they will be reassigned.’
    • ‘I think this is largely the result of strong reenlistment incentives, and initiatives at the unit level to get soldiers to re-up.’
    • ‘The only problem may be how difficult the Army is making it for soldiers to re-up because of the economy.’
    • ‘I spent time in Northern BC with my family after my dad decided not to re-up in the service during Vietnam.’
    • ‘If command provides no support for a job well done, a life saved, a convoy/mission completed, how can we expect the soldiers to re-up?’
    • ‘The only catch, though, was they had to re-up from Sept. 17-30.’
    • ‘When I was given the option to leave [West Point] or re-up for five more years after graduation, I left.’
    • ‘The thing is, her job is so overmanned, the Navy has already cut the re-enlistment bonus for it and yet, she tells me she would still re-up if she could.’
    • ‘Statistically, more people re-enlist for combat duty than re-up for a commodore's job.’
    • ‘In 2008, as the stock market cratered and the housing market collapsed, more young members of the Army, Air Force, and Navy decided to re-up.’
    • ‘Many, like you, say they worry that, when this is over or even in the middle, others are going to leave and not re-up, because this is not what they signed up for.’
    • ‘I'd refused to re-up and go for promotion.’
    • ‘When it was time to re-up or move on, she stayed.’
    1. 1.1 Renew an arrangement such as an employment contract or membership agreement.
      ‘I'm not likely to re-up with this phone company’
      with object ‘she hasn't re-upped her contract’
      • ‘While he says that more than 50% of users re-up after the first free year, analysts believe that the pay-up rate is lower.’
      • ‘Also, they want to re-up for education benefits, for health insurance.’
      • ‘Hell, even if you have Comcast now, you might want to cancel your plan and re-up under your wife's name just to get that Wii.’
      • ‘Assuming they re-up Terry Adams, this is a very good bullpen.’
      • ‘Any of you tech wizards can monkey around and re-up it in an easier form if you're so inclined.’
      • ‘Are there any circumstances under which you might re-up?’
      • ‘It could face a situation where a lot of customers decide not to re-up with the company.’
      • ‘Nearly 70% of subscribers plan to re-up with the magazine.’
      • ‘Before, they had one easy, clear choice: re-up their subscription or have no protection.’
      • ‘The other night they called to see if I wanted to re-up the subscription for some ridiculously low price.’
      • ‘I've subscribed over the past year and, frankly, was not going to re-up.’
      • ‘The Suns will re-up with him for three years at about $5 million.’
      • ‘Whether or not Kidd decides to re-up in New Jersey, he's turned the fortunes of the franchise around.’
      • ‘The 73% of clients who re-up with you each year should be mined for ideas, promotion, and bucks.’
      • ‘The franchise's recent growth convinced him to forsake a crack at the free-agent market and re-up in Raleigh.’
      • ‘The shadow banking system is particularly vulnerable to runs commercial paper investors refusing to re-up when their paper matures.’
      • ‘Re-up every year, strengthen the product, widen your consumer base.’
      • ‘But sending them an instantaneous thank you and updates on issues of particular interest to them are two good reasons to think they might re-up.’
      • ‘To the surprise of many, he did re-up last November, then promoted Isaacson to the No. 2 spot just two months later.’
      • ‘If he does opt to re-up, then there's no doubt that the Lakers' roster has been secretly refashioned to meet his specifications.’