Definition of re-export in English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /ˌriːɪkˈspɔːt//ˌriːɛkˈspɔːt/
  • Export (imported goods), typically after they have undergone further processing or manufacture.

    ‘goods might be imported, processed, and re-exported without becoming subject to customs duties’
    • ‘Spain did not re-export its cacao imports, in contrast to England, where 3/4 of cacao imports in the late eighteenth century were re-exported to other countries, much of them to Spain.’
    • ‘‘We should be aware that imported shrimp can be easily re-exported with an Indonesian label on it and nothing can be done to prove or trace the origin of the commodity,’ he said.’
    • ‘Often, the British parts are re-exported, or incorporated in complete weapons systems, ending up in countries covered by embargoes or which do not meet Britain's guidelines on human rights and regional conflicts.’
    • ‘Capital goods and components were shipped from Japan to newly industrialising countries for processing and then re-exported to industrialised countries.’
    • ‘However, Amnesty criticised the department for not looking at the bigger picture and investigating whether the goods were re-exported after being sent to Scotland.’
    • ‘Commodities such as rubber and palm oil were brought to Singapore from neighboring Malaya and Sumatra, processed and re-exported to Europe and the U.S.’
    • ‘All goods imported into these zones - whether international or domestic - are exempt from excise fees until the goods are exported or re-exported.’
    • ‘In spotting a turnaround in a small open economy like Ireland, look to trade figures for signs of growth in the import of goods, particularly chemicals and computer equipment that will be processed and then re-exported.’
    • ‘The unidentified Chinese company re-exported the shipment to a North Korean trading firm, the ministry said in a statement.’
    • ‘Up to 80 per cent of the food imported into the SAR is re-exported across the border, including large quantities of fresh stone fruits from Australia.’
    • ‘Isn't it just a mishmash of cultures being re-exported after being processed and packaged in the US?’
    • ‘When I first got to know a little about this bill, I was certainly aware of the additional problem of fruit going to Australia and then being re-exported into our market, which is currently protected by the single-seller arrangement.’
    • ‘The chips then passed through various buffer companies before being re-exported to Ireland and then re-imported to Britain. £7m in VAT which should have been paid to Customs was siphoned off.’
    • ‘One of the problems the industry has had is that kiwifruit exported from New Zealand to Australia have then been re-exported for a profit from Australia to Asian countries in particular.’
    • ‘England in particular increased tea imports steadily, and by 1785 tea imports to England were double those for coffee by weight, with most of the coffee imported to England re-exported to other European countries.’
    • ‘According to reports, there were about 46 such workshops, some of which were importing used plastic bottles from overseas, crushing them into pieces before re-exporting the plastic waste to the mainland where it is then recycled.’
    • ‘Raw materials are bought from Zimbabwe and 90% of the finished product is exported to South Africa, from where it is currently re-exported to Namibia, causing significant price increases for local customers.’
    • ‘Irish and British prices were the lowest and this tempted outside traders into re-exporting cheap goods into high-price markets.’
    • ‘Goods such as nails, copper pots and cheap fabric were re-exported to the Caribbean.’
    • ‘Other countries re-exported a high proportion of the tropical commodities that they imported.’


mass noun
Pronunciation /riːˈɛkspɔːt/
  • 1The action of re-exporting something.

    ‘much of it would have been intended for re-export’
    as modifier ‘the re-export trade’
    • ‘The Netherlands is importing large quantities of raw pith for value addition and re-export, he said.’
    • ‘Imports of raw sugar to India, the world's second largest sugar producer, are likely to gallop up to three million tonne over the next year for re-export after refining, analysts said on Saturday.’
    • ‘Most Thai exports involve importing raw materials and then reassembling them for re-export, the Committee found.’
    • ‘In addition, the re-export of dyes figures prominently in the list of 1990s exports.’
    • ‘By 1776 Glasgow merchants imported more than half of Britain's tobacco and had lucrative re-export markets in Europe.’
    • ‘Customs said although the weapons had been listed in the manifest as firearms, there was no re-export licence.’
    • ‘The zones will feature tax-exemption, free flow of products, processing for re-export, one-stop administrative processing and easy access for foreign businesspeople.’
    • ‘This was in spite of the fact that the silicon panel factory added only about 20 percent value to an imported product before re-export.’
    • ‘It lays down conditions for export, re-export, and import permits, as required.’
    • ‘The re-export trade to Brazil, catering to consumer demand for such items as electronics, audio tapes and compact discs, designer clothing and footwear had encouraged widespread piracy.’
    • ‘Increasing returns from the Australian market will reduce the margin between this and higher-value Asian markets, thereby reducing the incentive for re-export.’
    • ‘‘We are trying to identify storage facilities for tea in Dubai which could be a regional hub for re-export to the CIS states and to Europe,’ chairman of the Tea Board, NK Das has said.’
    • ‘Manufacturing industry includes clothing and the assembly of electrical components for re-export.’
    • ‘He added that most of the improvement came from business in Asia, both from end user consumption and from re-export.’
    • ‘Hong Kong's re-export trade was also vulnerable to any weakness in China's exports, he said.’
    • ‘He said his company is a bonded warehouse and as such, it stocks vehicles for the local market as well as re-export.’
    • ‘Capital goods are now shipped to Taiwan and Korea, which in turn send capital-intensive inputs to China and [South East] Asia for labour-intensive processing and assembly before re-export to developed markets.’
    • ‘Bangladesh is keen to purchase Thai products for both domestic consumption and re-export to third countries.’
    • ‘Italy routinely exports more wine than any other country, including France - much of it inexpensive wine for blending in and possible re-export from France and Germany.’
    • ‘His dredging of the waterways for example resulted in increasing the volume of cargo being handled in Dubai, strengthening its position as a major trading and re-export hub.’
    1. 1.1count noun A thing that has been or will be re-exported.
      ‘half of England 's total exports by this time were re-exports’
      • ‘Within the October total, the value of re-exports shrank 13.5% to HK $120.2 billion and the value of domestic exports by 18.1% to HK $13.1 billion.’
      • ‘Zambia's official exports amounted to US $1, 647, 105, 343.0 while re-exports were US $130, 235.0 in 2002.’
      • ‘While French domestic exports to Europe tripled, their colonial re-exports increased eightfold.’
      • ‘Ms Chikolwa said at the launch of the Monthly at the weekend that the remaining three per cent represented exports of originally imported goods in free circulation or re-exports.’
      • ‘The value of domestic exports fell 19.4% from a year earlier to HK $10.3 billion, while re-exports dropped 11.4% to HK $96.3 billion.’
      • ‘The third period, 1730-60, was linked to the growth of American and West Indian populations, production, and purchasing power, but also continued the advance of re-exports.’
      • ‘Hong Kong's re-exports, which account for about 90 per cent of the territory's exports, rose 16.8 per cent to HK $155.5 billion in May, compared with the 20.1 per cent growth the previous month.’
      • ‘The value of exports last month soared 20.9 per cent year on year to HK $182.7 billion, while re-exports increased 22.4 per cent to HK $170.7 billion.’
      • ‘Most of its $24.2 billion in ready-to-wear garments are re-exports that originated in China, mostly headed for the U.S..’
      • ‘Total exports of goods, which included re-exports and domestic exports, declined 4% in the third quarter from a year before, the largest fall since the first quarter of 1999, government statistics showed.’
      • ‘‘What happened yesterday in the United States will have an impact on the U.S. economy and Hong Kong, being a very open economy, will be affected, particularly through a reduction in exports and possibly re-exports,’ Leung told reporters.’
      • ‘Total exports increased by 18.2 per cent to HK $168.3 billion year on year with re-exports increasing 19 per cent to HK $157.2 billion, the government said.’
      • ‘The value of re-exports, accounting for 90 per cent of Hong Kong's total exports, rose 18.3 per cent in July.’
      • ‘Also re-exports to the US and Europe are unlikely to be affected by a Chinese slowdown.’
      • ‘Efforts to restrict Canadian re-exports will be costly and by necessity only partially successful.’
      • ‘At the start of the war, the UK negotiated war trade agreements with neutral countries such as Belgium, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, and Denmark which precluded re-exports and limited shipments to ‘normal’ pre-war levels.’
      • ‘Zambia's major NTEs are cotton yarn to Europe, South Africa and Mauritius, flowers to Europe, primary agricultural products and re-exports to the region - mainly to the Democratic Republic of Congo.’
      • ‘He said the share of domestic exports in total exports was 99 per cent in both October and November with re-exports accounting for one per cent.’