Definition of re-evaluation in English:



mass noun
  • The action of assessing or evaluating something again or differently.

    ‘our preflight procedures require re-evaluation’
    count noun ‘re-evaluations of the war’
    • ‘The subject of creativity is long overdue for a reevaluation.’
    • ‘Such an assumption, however, should be subject to scrutiny and reevaluation.’
    • ‘Should research prompt a critical reevaluation of historical narratives?’
    • ‘These policies reflect a reevaluation of the international role of democracy.’
    • ‘There were no questions about the reevaluation of the assets, the price hike, the shift of ownership.’
    • ‘A catalyst for this reevaluation was horrifying devastation caused by use of the atomic bomb in Japan.’
    • ‘The past few months have been a time of rigorous reevaluation for the company.’
    • ‘The government would promote serious discussions and reevaluations of Christian doctrines and teachings.’
    • ‘A change in the system would encourage creative thinking about and continual reevaluation of the national security mission.’
    • ‘Many icons of Mexico's patriotic histories come in for reevaluation in the book.’