Definition of re-engineer in English:



[with object]
  • 1Redesign (a device or machine)

    ‘they have re-engineered the devices to produce wider applications’
    • ‘These methods have both been successfully utilized in the past by computer scientists seeking to re-engineer high demand CPU's.’
    • ‘GM has revised the extensively re-engineered U-van floorpan to accept a driveshaft tunnel and all-wheel drive option.’
    • ‘The electrical system has also been re-engineered by Cat for high performance, while over-sized Cat side-by-side radiator and oil coolers allow non-stop high-production bunching.’
    • ‘The UKAEA said it was attempting to re-engineer the pipes in order to enable the leaking tanks to be decanted ‘should it be necessary’.’
    • ‘It's expensive for a company to re-engineer its tools.’
    • ‘To manage the Corvette's greater performance, the C6 brake system has been re-engineered.’
    • ‘When he asked, we gulped and pointed out that the SLK 55 wasn't designed for them, but we worked out what returning the car to AMG in Germany, flaring the wheel arches, re-engineering the hubs, plus the SL wheels, would cost.’
    • ‘Levees have to be re-engineered and an underachieving school system re-resurrected, probably under state control.’
    • ‘His logic was sound: with foam regularly falling off of the tank for reasons no one definitively understood, all thicker foam covering structures that protrude into the slipstream should be re-engineered.’
    • ‘The Jekyll line, which offers adjustable full-suspension and all-mountain performance, has also been re-engineered.’
    • ‘So why not re-engineer brake lights to give a bit more information?’
    • ‘This 2.0-litre engine has also been re-engineered for the new model year, and like the new 2.2-litre now features electrically controlled improved turbocharger and immediate throttle response.’
    • ‘Don't get me wrong, they're all re-engineered to sound like we're getting the best signal you can imagine, but they still sound like radio.’
    • ‘In fact deeper examination reveals that not only has the design been changed significantly, but the Corvette's mechanicals have also been thoroughly re-engineered.’
    • ‘The company's engineers don't get the opportunity to modify products that are on their way to production, but they often have to re-engineer the devices for the PTAP researchers.’
    • ‘A Logitech Wingman joystick was re-engineered for use as a gestural input device.’
    • ‘This is Aston Martin's own engine, but has been re-engineered for the DB9, with a new crankshaft, cams, manifold, and engine-management system for more midrange torque.’
    • ‘Bricsnet Architecturals 2.0 is based on the original concepts but has been re-engineered to take advantage of modern parametric and object technologies.’
    • ‘This vehicle has been extensively re-engineered for 2004.’
    • ‘Then, in the mid-1980s, camera manufacturer Lindhof re-engineered its 617S panoramic model.’
    1. 1.1often as noun re-engineering Restructure (a company or part of its operations), especially by exploiting information technology.
      ‘re-engineering is not something to be left to managers alone’
      • ‘We have had an impact on issues ranging from simple product positioning and market development to business unit re-engineering and comprehensive corporate restructuring.’
      • ‘For example, instead of trying to improve product packaging, re-engineering involves questioning the need for packaging in the first place.’
      • ‘During the interminable reviews, restructures, re-organisations and re-engineering it is invariably the manual workers who pay for the latest management fad.’
      • ‘But they are all we have, and you cannot re-engineer the formula without causing unforeseen results, possibly including the implosion of the institution itself.’
      • ‘Well, we're going to try and completely reorganise and re-engineer the process.’
      • ‘But, because most fishing has been dominated by families for generations, some say it is hard to re-engineer the whole industry.’
      • ‘More important, in the end, most small hospitals and physicians' practices see themselves as purchasing software rather than as making decisions to re-engineer their businesses.’
      • ‘Each vehicle producer is re-engineering its business to maximize profits, improve productivity and explore new customer connectivity via the Internet and alternative distribution channels.’
      • ‘Too many managers seek solutions elsewhere characterized by the rise in benchmarking, re-engineering, and continuous improvement programmes.’
      • ‘The ADF has re-engineered its discharge processes and Veterans' Affairs has introduced a new service for members discharging on invalidity grounds.’
      • ‘We have already developed our infrastructure and capacity to handle this growth having spent the last two years re-engineering the business.’
      • ‘In the same way that corporations and community organisations and trade unions are reorganising their businesses and re-engineering their information management strategies, government needs to do this as well.’
      • ‘Our endeavor is to constantly re-engineer the dictation/transcription process in order to take full advantage of the latest advances in computers, networking and digital technology.’
      • ‘The Insurance Committee will continue to work aggressively to re-engineer the vision of the ACA Insurance Program in order to meet the needs and demands of ACA camps.’
      • ‘We are seeing the beginning of possibly a large movement of Indian companies re-engineering their businesses to be web-compatible and entering into the world of e-commerce either directly or as part of a portal.’
      • ‘To do that I have to completely reengineer my organization.’
      • ‘Hence there is a focus on the need to re-engineer administrative and business operations to offer better services, not only to students but parents, faculty and staff.’
      • ‘The management of EuroPharm UK decided to re-engineer the business rather than seek short-term gains by downsizing.’
      • ‘Most CEOs like to thumb through books that quickly describe a new idea, reveal how other CEOs have solved a mutual problem, or simply enable the reader to nod knowingly when something like re-engineering or Six Sigma is being discussed.’
      • ‘He said the insurance company had also been re-engineering, simplifying and re-packaging some of the old traditional insurance policies.’