Definition of re-enforce in English:


(also reënforce)


  • 1To give additional force to; to add to the strength, power, intensity, etc., of; to make stronger. Compare "reinforce" 3b. Now rare.

  • 2To strengthen or increase (an army, etc.) by providing additional troops; = "reinforce"; (formerly also) †to strengthen (a military force) by replenishing supplies (obsolete). Also in extended use: to strengthen or increase (any group, party, etc.) by adding to the number.

  • 3with object To add to the force or strength of (an argument, assertion, etc.); to make more powerful or compelling; (also) to provide support for or add substance to (an argument, point of view, etc.).

  • 4with object To enforce (a law, rule, etc.) for a second or further time; to put into force again.

  • 5with object To strengthen (a material thing) by incorporating additional support, thickness, etc.

  • 6with object Psychology. To strengthen or support (a response, behaviour, etc.).


Late 15th century; earliest use found in Gilbert Hay (c1397–c1465), soldier and poet. From re- + enforce, partly after Middle French renforcer renforce. Compare reinforce, renforce, and see discussion at those entries.